Your journey as a healing entrepreneur can be enriched by knowing the flow of the Sun/Moon energy within. Each month create a  New Moon Collage® representing the energy (archetypes) of astrology. By years end you’ll have 12 New Moon Collage® cards to work with, journey to for inner guidance.

About the New Moon Collage® process: Michele Grace is a trained facilitator of the SoulCollage® process. She teaches women how to use the journey of the Moon with the magic of collage to manifest their dreams so they can help more people and make more money.

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process created by Seena Frost. Additional information can be found in the book SoulCollage® Emerging and on Seena’s website online at

SoulCollage® cards are made either from one’s own art or from images found in materials which have been bought by or given to the SoulCollage® card maker.

These collaged cards are used only for the card maker’s own inner exploration. SoulCollage® cards are not sold, traded, bartered, or copied (except as a back-up for the card maker’s own use). Where SoulCollage® cards are available to be seen by others, it is for the purposes either of demonstrating the SoulCollage® process or of sharing the card maker’s inner process in the context of community.

“SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights.”