The principle that guides the Way of the Visionary is telling the truth without blame or judgment. When we express the inner Visionary we know and communicate our creative purpose and life dream, act from our authentic self, are truthful and honor the four ways of seeing.- Angeles Arrien- The Four Fold Way

I love how the Universe mirrors the energy of the moment. The Voice on NBC showcases the power of song to lift, to inspire, to transform. Mercury the trickster rules Gemini and this month it’s all about the ability to use our voice to move our work out into the world. In the tarot he is the Magician When you embody the Magician you bring the ability to stand in sacred balance with all the energies:

Air/Sword (thought) + Fire/Wands (spirit/passion) + Earth/Disks (physical) + Water/Cups (emotions)

In Gemini we are called to discern truth, speak truth. Stand in your power, shout a strong YES! and “POOF” our Magician (Shaman) within is born- transfigured.

Transfiguration happens when you accept you are divine…and you shed the past; re-membering the vibration of the Light within- the Truth that we are all both human and divine. From this place we greet Spirit- the trees, the plants, the wind, the rain. Indigenous cultures of the world operate from this place of Spirit. We are One. The ability to connect to the wisdom within and around you is always here, in any moment to transfigure and transform.

Soul + Power + Light = Authenticity

Authenticity: A Visionary is a visionary because they can hold point- Aquarius ruled by Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Embracing the Visionary within brings focused intent. An authentic person compromises and mediates when necessary; they know how to build consensus. Visionaries are the bridge builders. Angeles Arrien shares in her book the Four Fold Way:

The shadow aspect of the Visionary archetype- [the False Self] is self-abandonment. Human beings universally abandon themselves for five major reasons; for someone’s approval; for someone’s love; for someone’s acceptance; to keep peace; to maintain balance; or to stay in a state of harmony. These are forms of self-abandonment. A Visionary knows how to speak their truth and be authentic. Then the False self disappears.

Your words have the power to harm or to heal.

As we approach this New Moon in Gemini, check in and ask who am I saying YES to- My shadow or My Visionary? What is my current capacity for truth-telling without blame or judgment? Practice truth-telling and notice each day how and when you are able to express your truth without blame or judgment.

In what situations and with what people do I abandon myself and feed my shadow?

Gemini represents communication which comes through your expression of thinking and speaking- fifth chakra stuff. Fifth chakra at the rear of the neck is about the ‘will to create’- our sense of self within Society. How do I express my gifts out in the world at large? This chakra represents our Professional Self with spiritual muscle. This is the center where we hold our “fear of failure and fear of success” and leads to procrastination…clutter in an attempt to mediate the energy.

Got a stiff neck? Lost your voice? What’s up with that?

5th chakra | Mercury | Neck/throat | Communication. If this is an issue really dig deep into Anodea Judith’s book Eastern Body, Western Mind- she writes the fifth chakra issues are related to communication (Mercury), creativity, listening, resonance, finding one’s own voice.

  • Developmental Stage: 7-12 years
  • Developmental Task: Creative expression, Communication Skills, Symbolic Thinking.
  • Trauma and Abuses: Lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse (includes constant yelling), excessive criticism (blocked creativity), secrets (threats for telling), authoritarian parents (don’t talk back), alcohol/chemical dependent (don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust).

Sound familiar? If you are in your 30’s you may be finding your voice in a new way.

If you are in your 40’s and beyond ask at this new moon how have I heard the call to heal my 5th chakra? When do I speak my truth and/or when do I abandon my truth and why?

Some people like to hold up the mirror to you and say “it’s not me it’s you” taking no responsibility for their part in the dance. Their mirror is foggy. This Gemini New Moon asks each of us “do I feel safe speaking my truth?”

It’s not enough to have focus and intention; you know these must be follow by ACTION! …[the Magician] Makes things happen. – Joanna Powell Colbert, Magician image from

Where is Gemini in your chart? What is on the 3rd house doorway? That is where the action is this month.