Being heard and being seen are primary needs. These needs can only be filled when I commit myself to listening and seeing (others) and to speaking my truth.-Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

I am off my game this week…I know it. When I first started blogging each May I’d hit a wall of resistance, a writer’s block and not come out of it until mid-June. Once I became aware the pattern started shifting…

This year rather than a month, it’s been a week of muddling and aha’s. As I shared, last month I jumped up big time by investing in a coaching program. It’s scary big, and the commitment is going to hold my feet to fire for the next year, with specific business practices and procedures to hold me accountable. Hearing this one of my friends said “well I better start getting my act in order; you are going to move ahead quickly and I want to come along with you.” As you up-level those around you up-level their vibration [personally and professionally] too. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

Yet with the bold commitment also came old fears and inner resistance- did I make the right decision (I did). What are you doing this for? (It’s worth it). With the niggling inner voice my enthusiasm waned a bit, and then crashed last week when I heard dad’s intention to leave me out of his will…listening to who’s getting what and cherry picking my mom’s stuff I was falling into an old painful groove…

“The only people I know who have their shit together are standing in it at the time.”- Buddhist teacher Stephen Levine.

Of course Scorpio rules inheritance (sex/money/power), and Taurus is about value- self-worth/money….Of course I’ve been reading Geneen Roth’s new book Lost and Found- unexpected revelations about food and money. Geneen writes

“Money’s not the problem, calories are not the problem, food is not the problem- it’s only the middleman. It’s the vehicle, the means, the transport for internal sense of self- of value and worth, of deficiency and scarcity- to express itself.”

The Taurus energies can reveal shadow energies of envy, greed and hoarding. The fear of losing control, fear there won’t’ be enough, fear we aren’t good enough due to low self-esteem and self-worth issues. Taurus New Moon works in partnership to the Scorpio Full Moon. The journey through the Taurus area of life also dips into the relationship with money…so here I am with a “toe in the water” moment around my family’s money story just like I was six months ago at the Scorpio New Moon. Sure I opt for love, understanding and forgiveness but to get there I have to go through the 5 stages of grief and this is a work in progress. Bring it on.

With old-timey record players my Dad, the audiophile, taught me don’t scratch the record. Vinyl records were susceptible to scratches…scratches make the recorded music skip so the needle pops out of the track or stops completely when the needle gets stuck in the groove.

When you have a trauma/ drama in life it leaves an imprint on the energetic body- your deep groove is the sacred place of the wounded healer; where the body/mind/emotions skip a beat (short term) and/or get stuck in the groove (long term).

I’ve come to understand that this time of the year, the energy of Taurus is my “stuck in the groove” moment, even with awareness, therapy, soul retrievals and energy work I got caught in old family dynamics- wounded inner child stuff. As healers and spirit-led entrepreneurs we revisit the energy (consciously or unconsciously) and find our way through it when the Sun/Moon and/or planetary energies pass over the record. How quickly we recognize we’re in it is a game.

This too shall pass… rather than a month, I am grateful it’s a week. Last Monday‘s reeling left me thinking “oh you need to call a doctor and get an antidepressant.” By Tuesday I opted for time in nature, healings from my guides, talking with friends who are deep listeners and journaling to express the feelings. And hey a dark chocolate Dove treat here and there also helps.

Sandra Ingerman tells her students to ‘give a healing to get a healing’-to transform my ‘stuck in the groove’ moment I decide I need to give a healing, do service…of course the Universe lovingly responds immediately. Yowzah.

And there is the adult saying “stop, pull your head out of their crap, there are real issues we need to deal with. It’s their drama/trauma, leave this alone and move on because it’s a waste of our time and energy!” And that’s true as well.

I am transparent because it’s part of the mess I came to teach…and yes as gifted intuitive women, healers and spirit-led soulopreneurs your own ‘stuck in the groove’ transformations is the story your clients want to hear…they want to know a way through it. Last night’s teleclass for the new moon in Taurus led me back to my Scorpio New Moon posting…and the recognition ‘stuck in the groove’ moment is part of the ongoing healing journey with my mother’s death eight months ago. Each month brings up a new aha, and I feel grateful.

Here are some journaling questions New Moon in Taurus:

  1. What life changing events happened in my life? Death, divorce, births…events that shifted you. Tag it to a month, give it form so you can release and then create with it.
  2. How are these ‘stuck in the groove’ moments affecting my ability to be seen and heard? To be valued and respected. To be enough. Have enough. How am I leaking energy using food and money around this issue?
  3. How does the past support or hinder my ability to create abundance and wealth in my business life today? At this new moon in Taurus celebrate and invoke…

As a woman of power [Aries] I am the One who responds with a balanced and loving heart and mind. I forgive myself as I forgive others. As a visionary leader my true worth is revealed by sharing healing stories that inspire my clients and students to take right action. I now call forth new creative projects [Leo] and alliances [Libra] that bring abundance and wealth[Taurus] into my life now so I can help more people, make more money and help others do the same.”

24 hours before the new moon set the intention.

24 hours after the New Moon in Taurus let the intention go…do a ritual to celebrate the Earth energy. Build an altar on your land to honor Gaia. Bring spring into your home. Clear out the clutter. Make room for the new. It’s all good.