First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination. – Napoleon Hill

I am a faith healer,” my client shared, “what does that mean?”

My mother was intuitive, but her gifts scared her so she shut it down…and then I shut that voice down in me as well,” another client shared.

Imagination comes by way of Spirit whispering…and the VOICE is not always welcomed in this world. Most times the whispers are brushed away, held in and up by fear. Knowing if I accept the message my life is going to shift.

That’s why Healers like their training retreats…we like to coming together and hanging out in circle with each other. Settling in to rock with your intuitive self. We like being seen and heard by others who know what we are about. We don’t have to defend or explain our gifts in a very logical left brain world.

As a healer you know the power of community and how it moves you into being more of who you are meant to be in the world. The secret to finding your sweetest fruit as a healer is to hang out in community with other healers. In community the seeds of our soul take root. The ‘woo-woo’ is celebrated and you become stronger in your knowing. A grounded healer manifests not only wonders in the world with their clients but also meaning and money through collaboration.

What is your sweetest fruit as a healer? This isn’t someone else’s message. Your mess is the message you came to share with others. Working with clients, teaching classes (in-person and virtual). Creating products and writing books to share your message. Getting the word out about what you offer is sharing your sweetest fruit. Go be seen by CHOICE and not by chance, is a decision.

Say YES to the Magic! This month say YES I am ready to nurture my sweetest fruit. This doesn’t happen in isolation. Isolation comes with a mighty dose of procrastination that sucks your creative force dry… robs your vitality. HIRE a mentor/coach that can support you (not your girlfriend she won’t tell you the truth).

The universe is going to provide experiences to test your YES! Decide to take action. It’s time.