At breakfast while waiting for Dear Husband to finish reading the morning paper I whip out my iPhone to check my twitter feed. Scattered in the 200+ posts of the moment are a few sweet snippets of aha’s and peoples real life. Most tweets are people promoting stuff and quotes from famous people…that leaves me bored. I love reading real honest stories = juicy stuff.

Fix #1- Understand your mess= Go Juicy. Let’s celebrate our juiciness- warts and all- because if “my mess is my message” then holding back “the juice” from the mess is a form of hiding that serves no one. As Dr. Phil says “How’s that working for you?”

Focus on the juicy transformations you offer to clients by your truth telling ‘this is where you are, and this is where you can be, let me show you the way’ conversations. As a shamanic healer it’s not about the soul retrieval- that’s the process, it’s about the client’s transformation when their creativity is renewed when the power, essence and vitality is restored. Wouldn’t it be nice if “Healing + Juicy transformations” = satisfied clients and more juicy conversations.

Fix #2- Get support. As a helping-preneur are you bootstrapping things in your healing practice? Are you getting tired of saying “I can’t afford this?” Wouldn’t it be nice to get support and release the “I can’t” energy? Here are a couple of ways to work with this. Just play the what-if game. Wouldn’t it be nice if I allow my mindset to shift, what would happen for me? Take a break, go for a walk, come back and create some “wouldn’t it be nice SoulCollages®” with a new intention that restores. Release old money mindset. Find the juice within.

Fix #3- Understand where you are? As creative entrepreneurs we are constantly reinventing ourselves. As women there is a natural cycle and rhythm to the journey connected to the Moon and the Sun- it’s in your birth chart. Know your right timing to take right action. Get your lunar blueprint and then follow the path it offers. Know where you are in your own cycle of creating, so you can take advantage of the laws of deliberate creation. Come to my New Moon Teleclass each month to understand how the energy is working and learning you…you don’t have to know astrology to grok this work.

This lunation wouldn’t it be nice if we commit to Living a Juicy Life! By sharing our celebrations and aha’s, our stuck moments and transformations. Go Juicy! In a noisy online world your healing journey helps you stand out and invites clients to engage in your offerings. Clients want to like and trust you, and then they want to learn from you. That means going Juicy!