The sign Cancer is BIG MAMA energy of deep water. The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and this new moon connects us to the deepest waters of life, the waters of the Great Mother, the womb. In the Cancer energies the challenge is to develop security by nurturing experiences for our self rather than by clinging to or depending on the strength of others. Cancer represents our connections to the past- the ancestors and descendants that give you a firm foundation to create the new from the lessons of their past.

At this Cancer New Moon my family gathers to scatter my mother’s ashes at the Jersey shore… We are honoring Mom’s request to “take me back to the ocean; remember me in the waves crashing on the shore.” It’s a bittersweet loving journey… of coming Home.

Coming home to ME. In your birth chart the Cancer energies relate to the 4th house of home, family and roots. The lineage you came from. It can be a place full of feelings and emotions. What’s bubbling up, and wanting attention? Are the emotions within bubbling or sparking you?

We’ve had three eclipses all in a row- truth telling without blame or judgment, taking a risk and now get comfortable with the ways things are NOW (not based on your past). Saturn moved through Cancer June 2003-2005. What was happening for you in then? Saturn is in Libra asking for balance… more heart and soul. Less resistance. 😀

The Sun|Moon in Cancer in the 1st house stands there challenging Saturn in Libra (5th house/creativity). Are you waiting to feel more comfortable? First house is all about ME… “Big ME” (Earth angel) versus “little me” (the wounded one). How do you honor the sacred call of the 5th house? CREATE! with the divine spark of creative fire- the juice of life. Come Home.

You’ve been given a mission. What creative project on your plate needs attention? Revisit your vision board. Remember those intentions you planted in the spring? Saturn is asking you to balance the energies and birth it through your Intuition + Imagination + Inspiration.

Jupiter entered Taurus for the first time in 12 years. Taurus is all about the relationship of self-worth and net worth. There is a call from Jupiter to expand into something new, to see things in a new way. At the time of this lunation, Jupiter sits in the 11th house of planetary service.