A creative turning point for me? My first soul retrieval as a client.

Anne, a shamanic healer came back from the journey and lovingly blew the essences into my heart and crown chakras. With my eyes closed I felt her breath and heard the rattle. What captured my attention was the brilliant light that literally turned on behind my eyes.

It was a life changing moment.

Anne shared, “I saw you around the age of four playing with a large brown/black dog that was your best friend. Your little girl didn’t want to leave the dog, but after some discussion she agreed to return” I started to cry.

Anne DID NOT know me or my story….at the age of four I found our family dog, a black Chesapeake Bay Retriever with a brown/black fur coat, lying dead outside our house.

My beloved Tippy was a protector and best friend since the day I was born. My mother often said “Michele you don’t know how to play.” Before my soul retrieval I had no memory of the time period after the Tippy’s death.

After the soul retrieval my creativity took off in incredible new directions- I started playing again. That soul retrieval in 1997 still informs my life today as a woman, mother, artist and shamanic leader in wonderful ways. I feel grateful.

Today I lead an active shamanic healing and coaching practice where I’ve performed hundreds of soul retrievals for family, friends and clients. As an architect of the soul I intuitively know where you lost power and how that is affecting your business today…

I’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when your soul loss is not addressed in traditional coaching sessions and programs. You invest yet your issue is still there…because the mentor isn’t trained to work with the Blueprint of your Soul.

Transformation BEGINS with healing the fragmented self + awakening the BRILLIANCE of your blessed wound = SPIRIT’S message you came to share with the world.

During a mastermind laser coaching call a woman shared the place she was stuck in her business. The conversation then dipped into a tender place connected to her blessed wound (soul loss) and our coach skipped over it. It was a ‘yes, and’ moment full of potential. Today the woman is still investing her good money in high-end coaching programs, yet she still struggles with being seen and making money.

One of my mentors was not being real out in the world with her spiritual path. Her soul loss (afraid to be seen) and our heart-centered conversation about it allowed her to say YES! Within 60 days she courageously came out of hiding, shared her truth. Six months later she’s up-leveled her business and is on the verge of manifesting a 7-figure coaching platform. Yeah! So here’s the deal…

I can serve as a spiritual guide in your existing coaching relationship. This is a ‘both/and’ not an ‘either/or’ decision. And…

YES! I would love to be your coach and take you from “woo-woo to who’s who” in 90 days if you let me.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your intention of moving forward ALWAYS activates the fragmented self you haven’t addressed simply because you didn’t know it was there. This rich deep heart-full place deserves to be witnessed, held and not fluffed off or discounted.

Let’s find your BRILLIANCE so you can touch more people’s lives, make more money and fully step into service in your community.

Everything- business and personal- in this world is first birthed and manifested from Spirit into matter.

Heaven to Earth.

Your Soul’s Call is in the stars, it’s in your birth chart, the gateway is your heart. Spirit’s whispering, are you listening?

With love,



Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht.  As a shamanic leader she teaches throughout the United States and is recognized for her ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects of you that are mirrored through your day-to day relationships with family, home and work.