24 hours before the Cancer New Moon make three wishes. Around Home. Roots. Family. Legacy.

24 hours after the New Moon release those intentions. Connect with your helping compassionate ancestors. Watch what bubbles up between the new moon and full moon. That’s the healing opportunity showing up…telling you what’s in the way of your three wishes. Asking you to surrender so something new can begin. đŸ’«đŸ’œđŸ’«

Sharing a blog post I wrote for the Cancer New Moon back in 2011….​​

​​Something has ended.  Something new can begin.

4th of July 2011 our clan gathers to scatter my Mom’s ashes at the Jersey shore. Going back to the shore is always bittersweet for me
and leaves me full.

Memories. When Mom went in and out of hospitals, and then at her passing my beloved ancestors were right there with me, holding and loving me, and welcoming her HOME.

The Ancestors bring a perspective from the past to help you move forward in the Great Work. 

This New Moon in Cancer on Friday, July 5th at 6:57 PM Eastern asks “What legacy am I creating?” 

If your past is the prologue is it time to contemplate your legacy at this lunation? 
Where do I come from?
Where do I belong?
What am I leaving in my wake?

Legacy is handed to us heart-to-heart from ancestor-to-ancestor in so many ways. Our collective connection to the compassionate helping ancestors is what’s going to help ‘shepherd’ us through the next couple of decades.

It’s not about Aunt Sally Sue you had issues with
no I am talking about the Ancestors-the caretakers who love us and the Earth, who tend the energies of betwixt and between. They are loving, helpful and ready to guide you. Sadly they are hardly discussed and pretty much ignored.

The Sun moving through the sign Cancer’s brings up this Ancestral legacy because it’s the archetypal presence of home and roots. So this Big Mama energy is working and learning us collectively this month.

In the Summer of 2005 at the Cancer New Moon
. I am at the Jersey shore on vacation with my family, sisters and parents visiting places of my childhood, my ancestors and the home of my shamanic teacher from long ago who lived here in the 1600’s.

​I feel the ancient woods, the salt marshes and the great Delaware Bay in my bones. One of the highlights is a day trip around South Jersey- Ocean City to Millville through Tuckahoe to Bridgeton moving onto Cedarville, Cohansey River, Fortescue, Gandy’s Beach and Jones’s Beach all on the Delaware Bay.

We travel past Bear Swamp where my father’s family logged for timber. Bear Swamp’s home to an old-growth forest with trees dating back as much as 600 years. Thankfully this rare forest is now protected by federal and state authorities as one of the most important unprotected habitats in the country.

Legacy land endowments for future generations. My tour guides on this road trip are my Aunt Olive (83 years young) and my feisty mother Barbara Ann (age of 74). Today I hear stories of sibling rivalry, weddings, celebrations and how things ‘used to be’ and ‘remember when’. Gosh I love listening to their stories.

How my Great Aunt Madge crossed the marshes (she laid out wooden planks so the people wouldn’t sink) with her Sunday school group to picnic on the Delaware Bay. “Aunt Madge was always fun.”  Today traveling miles down a rutted one-way dirt road, stopping the car to rescue a turtle moving slowly across the way. This road brings us to the bay
standing on the banks of the Delaware water quietly lapping, drinking in the magnificence of it all.

I am full. Legacy. Next stop back to Cedarville where we tour the grounds and the interior of my great grandparents’ Victorian home-still known as “the Bateman place” that inspired both my interior design and shamanic work.

Once upon a time, playing on the porch of my great grandparents house, my cousins and I pretend to grind corn in this ancient carved out rock sitting by Grandma B’s front door. Decades later in a shamanic training… Sandra Ingerman asks us to journey to the spirit of the land and ancient times of our heritage. I am taken to the bay and the salt marshes; the indigenous people where I come from greet me. My otherworld shamanic teacher tells “we left a clue for you”, and then she shows me the rock. An ancient stone mortar carved long ago hauled from the Delaware Bay by my great grandfather while oystering. Her people lived in this area and ground corn in this vessel.

Today I can feel myself walking in both worlds, connected to the past and the ancestors, the spirit of the land and ancient ways. I feel safe, grateful, grounded and connected at the same time. Honoring the journey to this sweet moment.

It takes a strong commitment and intention to cross the threshold to spiritual maturity, and it can be a difficult undertaking as we move through the phases of awakening. Our fears and defenses, once acknowledged, will stay in the background, and attributes of courage and bravery will begin to enter, giving us the new found relationship to inspiration and creativity. – Angeles Arrien 

Later that day the Sheppard cousins arrive on the last night at my Aunt’s Olive’s house. One family leaving and another family coming to the shore. We’re laughing and sharing stories just like those who came before us connecting and celebrating. Suddenly my cousin Robin looks at all us in an aha moment “we have become the elders of the family.”

What healing stories do you want to leave as a way to say I was here?

I wish you well at this New Moon in Cancer.

With joy,