Are you stuck in D.I.Y. (do it yourself) thinking? I am a recovering DIY’er and the first step is to admit there’s a problem and them move to find a solution. It’s time as healers to figure out how our DIY mindset is costing us time and money.

Capricorn asks you to create the structure and gather resources to build. Building a business means hiring team to support you.

Decide. Lead. Delegate. Build.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius goes direct December 13th– Mercury’s journey gave us clarity on what needs to be finished, what needs to be moved forward after clearing the clutter.

This fall, even with team, I was carrying too much on my plate. Stuck in resistance I started asking “what’s this about?”

Then I went outside to walk the dogs. Aha’s about my DIY mindset bubbled up along with a couple of not-so-good memories of support staff issues in my brick and mortar business. Trust and betrayal themes. Mind clutter released, today I am different- I can make better choices and informed decisions. I went to my mentor and started asking 10K questions. Clarity started happening immediately.

In collaboration I am building the systems needed to grow my business to the next level.

Are you a recovering DIY? Start where you are at…start tracking day-to-day tasks. Ask is this what a millionaire business owner would be doing? Track and delegate. Start at home.

Get help with grocery shopping, house keeping. Keep adding support.

I want to coach more women, create art and design the products. I am so dang excited about this new clarity…it’s informing ALL of my decisions.

Recognize as you grow your healing business and take it online you may be stuck in DIY mode. This mindset is costing you time, energy and money. Why? Because DIY mode thinking doesn’t allow support in to help you efficiently and effectively run your healing business. Where’s your DIY mindset coming from- be ruthless about sorting this out before the New Moon is on you!

DIY may be a family issue- hey our family doesn’t hire- we’ve always done it ourselves.
DIY may be a time issue – hey don’t hire- I can do it faster.
DIY may be a control issue- hey don’t hire I don’t trust you to do it right.

DIY is ingrained in us- Home Depot, crafts, HGTV. Don’t hire, grab a tool (or software program) and do it yourself. How much time are you willing to invest because of your pinch a penny mindset? And is it serving your BIG dream?

Decide to deliver your brilliance, get paid what you’re worth and delegate the rest- decide to start the year differently.