As above, so below, as within, so without- astrology is a sacred symbolic language. The planetary energies moving through the sky offer a spiritual dialog that mirrors the story unfolding within us and around us. This New Moon in Pisces reveals our internal dialog after setting the tone at the Aquarius New Moon – now what’s in the way? Show up, share your truth and be willing to be willing. Love yourself, step up, go be seen.

When we play small we act small. Pisces asks each of us to embody spirit, to step into the BIGGER version of YOU. What did I come to teach and share? When one leaves Spirit at the door, we begin to ‘think’ we are manifesting on our own, that we are going at it alone. This disconnect creates a whole lot of problems.

I had a huge amount of success in my twenties after building a successful interior design company from nothing that grew it into a multiple 6-figure business; the experience left me spiritually bankrupt by my early thirties. When we leave spirit behind it causes all sorts of problems. Pisces asks each of us to partner with spirit and this Pisces New Moon will bring up your issues with hiding due to inner fears- fear of being seen, fear of what other people may think (need to be liked).

As Dorothy discovered the power was always with her and those ruby red slippers will always bring us HOME. It’s is no coincidence that Pisces + Aries = Spirit + Ego. It’s the chicken and the egg question- which came first spirit or ego? Yet you may be living a life designed to exclude spirit…in favor of the ego. In my shamanic work with clients there is a whole lot of “Who am I to hear G-ds voice, I’m not good enough, who am I to be connected to Spirit.”

Last week on February 2, 2011 Neptune rolled back into deep watery Pisces for the next 13 years. Neptune rules the 12th house and all things Pisces = your connection to the inner muse + the God/dess of your understanding. Where is Pisces in your birth chart? Here it indicates your connection to your inner muse and Source | Spirit | Goddess of your understanding.

Unhealed this Pisces energy brings up all those unconscious fears we’ve collectively pushed away. Dancing with Neptune is all about piercing the veil by seeing where you are bound up- through your need to:

  • Be liked/ loved
  • Be recognized/ respected
  • Feel safe
  • Be in control and right

Neptune’s calling each of us out into the LIGHT and driving humanity toward spiritual fulfillment – to dance with the divine. Neptune + the Machine = ??? Neptune in Pisces offers a journey to your inner muse. All the dark spots – ways we like to hide – are being called out into the light for healing = acceptance versus tolerance. It’s an awakening. This is Neptune in Pisces | Uranus in Aries | Pluto in Capricorn.

The call at this New Moon in Pisces- How am I still sitting in Neptune’s Fog? EVERYTHING leads back to Source when it is steeped in love, compassion and grace. I’ll see you on the call…