Last night I held space for a dear friend who was in a painful place. Let’s be tender with each other….Here in the States Jerry Sandusky’s trial for child abuse is stirring the collective psyche. Jerry’s a pedophile. People don’t like to talk about such things. It’s makes them uncomfortable. Just go away…don’t talk about it. Don’t feel. Aren’t you over it yet.

The system did nothing, The parents are in shock. The victims remained silent. The people did nothing. The debate did it or didn’t it happen. PTSD is a strange beast that pops up when you least expect it.

I am speaking to all my friends in the creative healing arts- the wounded healers. Witnesses and transformers because of our ability to hold space for others. To allow their pain and suffering to shape shift… to inspire healing, to forgive and move to a new place of love and understanding for self and others.

What about you? What are you doing about your own self-care? Reach out- call someone. Get support. If it calls to you create a SoulCollage® card. Get the energy up and out of your body/mind.  Journal, go for walks in Nature. Call on your helping allies and angelic guides. Don’t watch the news.

Many wounded healers experienced sexual abuse as children…it’s the initiation we didn’t ask for at the hands of someone else. There is broken trust, betrayal, denial. So many feelings. It can feel so big. Please don’t go to sleep if you are being triggered. Wake up. Keep waking up. This is just another layer. It feels so BIG. I hear you say “Won’t I ever be done with the f!@king mess.”  I don’t know. For today no, for tomorrow yes. It’s like judging an ocean wave, sometimes they are deep and sometimes they are calm. By honoring where you are in the moment you are honoring your life pulse.

Just as the character Horse in the Velveteen Rabbit “life rubs us to become real.” Becoming “real” has meant looking at all aspects of my life ~ by going backwards to go forward; by honoring the sacred relationship to my parents, my church, my ancestors and my descendants who all help to weave the reality of my past, present and future.

What I do know is YOU came to share this gift (the initiation) to make a difference. This is one day and you’ll get through it. If you are triggered by the Sandusky trial reach out and get support. Understand the symptoms of PTSD , recognize you may be in it and not even know you are dancing with the energies. If you are in relationship with someone who has experienced this type of trauma, be kind, be tender. Listen. Create sacred space for the next level of healing to happen. Know too that your words have the power to harm or heal.

With deep love and appreciation,