Are you a faux activist? Do you get really mad and then post a comment on Facebook with a “take that” mentality? It may be Monsanto, it may be political. You rant. Nothing really gets done. It’s in community person-to-person where change happens.

We all hunger for connection and to make a difference in the world. Why are we choosing to live isolated lives? Afraid of what someone is going to think, say or do when you share your gifts and passion? It’s time to get over yourself!

After the oil spill in the Gulf I recognized I was an armchair activist. I felt the toxic energy in my body way before the truth came out in the media. I “knew” our way of life here in Florida was threatened. Took my drum, left the house and protested; then participated in Hands across the sands.

It’s time to get uncomfortable! Being with people you get to observe how and where you are holding yourself back. You find your voice. Stand for something. I’ve never met an intuitive woman who didn’t want to make a difference in her community but here’s the thing darlin’…what if you begin to unravel your relationship to anger and getting mad so the energy is a force for change.

Its time to bring your (mess)age home. The places you are rubbed raw with emotion is the place you need to give voice to. What in your life is pissing you off? Create with the energy…write it, sing it, dance it. Give the energy expression. Let your passion shine. Tell the story. Nice girls don’t get angry. ::TRUTH:: Nice girls are sitting on a huge pile of unresolved stuff- usually anger. It’s not about being mean. It’s not about being liked. It’s about finding your voice, giving expression what’s present and letting it wash through you so you get to the other side. LIVE your Truth.

No one wants to hear about my suffering. :: TRUTH :: Your story (breakdowns + breakthroughs) is valuable. Every emotion is part of the journey. Others want to hear your journey to NOW because it means you are living an extraordinary life. All those experiences you’ve pushed away is the mess you came to teach and share. It’s about Authenticity. What are you ready to do about it?

The best thing a full-hearted woman can do is speak her truth and piss people off- it gets you clear about the (mess)age and the awesomeness of your Great Work!

Let that passionate fiery energy fuel your success. How are you being called out into the community as an intuitive woman? Grab some images out of a magazine and create a SoulCollage® card. Start a dialog with your angry woman, angry child. What’s happened in your life that pisses you off? Let this sculpt your (mess)age and inform your BIG why. What does she want to share? Give her a voice.  There’s a story to be told…and it’s waiting for you to show up and tell it.