Life happens. As a healer in business some days you’ll want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head. You need a break. Sometimes you need time out to re-evaluate what’s working and not working. You’ll need to renew the why of what you are doing. Some days (hopefully a lot of days) you’ll be booked solid and then there will be a lull. Do you go into panic or re-new your why? It is a transformational moment.

:: REFRESH :: Certainty anchors with rituals and routines… your brain needs a break to refocus, create and produce.- Jonathan Fields, Uncertainty turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance.

3 Steps to Renew your Why

Step 1. Get out of the house/office. Change up your routine. When my dear husband was laid off earlier this year it threw me for a loop. I spent the first two weeks swinging on our porch swing and journaling. I went to an improv class to act out the energy. I did healings. The call was to mix it up…to acknowledge that life was shifting.

Step 2. Spend time in gratitude. Find what’s working in your day- focus on the small breakthroughs rather than the big challenges. Abundance living means I live a “both/and” life…not either/or thinking.

Step 3. Manage the emotions, live your truth. Create SoulCollage® Cards. As many as needed. Share them with me or a friend. When you throw an image at it, find the story, the energy shifts.

When clients are going through the betwixt and between state I suggest making 3 SoulCollage® cards:

  1. For the energy of the emotions
  2. For your inner child that wants attention
  3. For your future self-who’s ahead of this moment, and brings in the wisdom you need to hear.

By activating the future self, her look and her feel, you can walk towards her…. her soul essence (YOU) will help you strengthen your why. Let me know what happens. Please share with me on Facebook.