Saturn in Scorpio. Can I get a transformation please!

There is a NEW call to action when Saturn changes signs. How are you going to respond? Figure this out sooner rather than later…because you need to be informed about what this means for you personally and professionally as Saturn moves deeper into the sign Scorpio.

Last time Saturn moved through Scorpio: August 1983-November 1985

A bit more about Scorpio: watery intense toxic emotions (anger, fear, shame, guilt)…secrets, hidden agendas and chaos. Christ said be in this world not of it. Over the next two + years we are called to live this intention like never before.

As an entrepreneur you are tasked with moving through other peoples fears while remaining intuitive grounded, joyful and focused. It’s not a time to get caught up in someone else’s inner chaos= their drama/trauma. Remember the battle cry of the 80’s

“Codependent NO more!”

On a mundane level Scorpio rules sex, rock and roll.

50 shades of grey

Saturn’s deeper call in Scorpio is transformation, death and rebirth. We must die to the old way to be reborn. Scorpio rules the house of your inner shaman. Scorpio rules other people’s money, debt and inheritance. Saturn rules systems (governments, social responsibility) It’s the collective wake-up call to heal our shadow issues with Power- revenge, jealousy, harsh judgments, destructive urges, power struggles and abandonment, suspicion and guilt.

What happened for you the last time Saturn moved through Scorpio? If you were a youngster what was happening with Mom and Dad?  Here in the States we had the collapse of the Savings & Loans (never hear that term anymore). Reagan economics. There was an economic meltdown, bankers were called to be accountable. Collectively we woke up to the AIDS crisis- remember peoples fears and the stigma of the disease? Then there was the movement from Melody Beaty’s groundbreaking book “Codependent no more?”

So let’s take a journey together…

My 5-week telecourse Oracle Alignment is designed to work with your inner Saturn (1st chakra) through art, storytelling and one-on-one work with me so you reconnect to the divinity within. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients using this proven process with my private clients and groups. It’s time to stop second guessing yourself, and make better, even quicker decisions that will lead you to more productivity and more money in your business.

Your dream is here for the asking…are ready to act?

What is an Oracle?  In olden times Oracles were revered and consulted for the long journey ahead. As seer’s they knew the needs of the community and the best action to take. Today each of us is called to find and hone the skills of our inner oracle. Women especially are naturally gifted, yet because of limiting mindset and beliefs the skill lies dormant. It wakes up when you say YES!

With Saturn moving through Scorpio (listen to the call) It’s not a time to hit the snooze button,
It’s time to hunker down, get real, and say YES! to emotional clarity. Turn your inner lead into gold.

Transformation means surrendering to the old ways, clearing clutter. Scorpio takes us really deep. You’ll never be the same after this transit.

The Oracle is that intuitive LEADER within. Connected to Source, she knows what she knows, isn’t afraid of her strength and knowing, and uses her intuitive gifts to boldly make changes in the world. Her YES! SERVES her family and community.

When you align with your Oracle you are standing up as leader in your business. Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Oprah using their oracular wisdom could see the journey ahead and forged a new way for the future. Oracles are leaders for these times. They are willing to be weird, be seen…they don’t stand on the sidelines with their gifts and hope someone finds them.

Bleed, heal, shout, pray. They lead with courage, passion and conviction even with the fear nipping at their heels they are called to be change agents. Oracles make things happen. As wayshowers you are called to blaze new trails where no woman has gone before, dreaming things into matter. While there’s hard work, there’s also play and a whole lot of laughter.

Be the Oracle and thrive not just survive in these changing times.