“There was an explosion and I was suddenly covered with dust. It was everywhere. My beautiful living room looks like a war zone.” Sally’s voice shook in disbelief.

After Sally’s condo flooded 5 months earlier we redesigned everything. I had  just finished installing her living room furniture earlier that week when a F-150 truck flew up over the landscape berm and went slamming  into the living room wall. Devastation and destruction everywhere, inside and out.

Her life was in shambles again. The transformation began again.

Saturn in Scorpio over the next two years is going to break things/life down, disintegrate,  dismantle, dismember to rebuild. As agents of transformation you are a teacher of this energy- you’re being called up. Places you’re stuck, ways you are holding back are going to come to light fore healing and clearing in the next two weeks. Welcome the transformation.

Scorpio is about surrender:  letting go of toxic emotions that no longer serve us. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Mars represents passion, it’s shadow is unexpressed anger that turns to rage (Pluto) for clearing and healing.  When you live  through horrendous life experiences (divorce, death, trauma) life always asks you “what are you going to do with this experience? Collapse or triumph?”

Sometimes life is easy, sometimes it’s hard…really hard. The measure of you is what happens when you are challenged…do you collapse, disappear, blame, shame? Or do you reach out, get support…make something of the experience. It’s a choice.

Saturn in Scorpio: Saturn is moving through Scorpio for the first time in 28 years…this is the first new moon where Saturn in sitting there waiting when the Sun and Moon show up. What will be revealed to you?  Long standing patterns, raw emotions that are ready to move to the next level.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, Pluto and Chiron. Chiron is the sign of the wounded healer- his energy shows you where you are wounded and then brings the tools to help you heal. What’s up for you? The insights ALWAYS come through the emotional body…and the way through it is expression. Feeling and expressing.

Devastating weather. Secrets being revealed. Toxic water. What life experiences took you to your knees, filled you with fear, anger, dread, longing, suffering? Where are you still stuck in the blame and shame? Silence. Whose secrets are you holding? Judging yourself or another? How can you move to understanding and forgiveness?  How have you triumphed? What healing story wants to be told at this new moon?

24 hours before the New Moon go within- journal, write, paint, dance…give the energy a creative expression.

24 hours after the New Moon let it go. Create the new dream, you know that you know better to do better. Then go do it. Make decisions on where you want to be, not where you are now.