The 12 days after Christmas represents a reflective pause for the last 12 months.  Currently we are still in the 12 days of Christmas leading up to an epiphany January 6th. One day = one month. Oh the holidays, let the insights begin.

You’ll want to get six pieces of paper for the remaining six days and label them August (1/1)  September (1/2), October (1/3), November(1/4) , December (1/5). Each day journal a bit, just watch what’s bubbling up. Create a SoulCollage® card or two.

On January 6th expect your own epiphany! Capricorn in your birth chart asks each of us to express our Essential Self more fully.  Not behind the scenes but out in the public eye, in my community, in the corporate world. Duality, black and white thinking has no place to sit in the Essential Self.

1 day=1 month.

  • What have I learned the last year?
  • What do I want to bring forward?
  • Where is my split self showing up?
  • How am I living in integrity?


In Capricorn we want to build something tangible and long lasting. Saturn rules right timing to take right action, it’s also connected to tribal conditioning that no longer serves you. That ancestral linage that is to be transcended by your willingness to heal and transform limitations your parents just couldn’t do. It’s not about judgment or denial, it’s about resolution and forgiveness. The seat of this sits in your first chakra in the body, foundational energy you need activated for manifesting those intentions and resolutions.

In alchemy Saturn is the metal lead before it is transformed and transmuted into gold, bringing deeper meaning to the phrase “Get the lead out.”

Saturn and the Capricorn energy demands you show up and be the adult, be responsible. Create and Act. Capricorn’s energy takes us out into the world through our career, our work; we see the results of the creative muse birthed from the 5th house (the Leo New Moon), manifesting in the 10th house where Capricorn sits. In Capricorn you want to be seen, it’s the wise one within. Here’s is an affirmation that I love:

I know what I know, I am called out into the world to stand and lead with that knowing.

In order to manifest we take our intentions through the body into manifestation. That means a healthy 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra.

When do you want to leave your body? Call your energy back, allow yourself to really focus on walking. Feel your feet hitting the ground. Allow yourself to express feelings, stomp your feet if angry gives the energy a place to sit in your body, you’ll become more grounded. Most of us come to our healership because we are wounded healers. When you allow yourself to come back into balance you become more present as a healer. Grounded, my intentions started to manifest more quickly.

That is why Saturn and the Capricorn energy is so important in helping you manifest your hopes wishes and dreams. Capricorn is the seat of manifestation for all healers in business.

Capricorn represents your tribe and the social responsibility you bring to the table as a human being. Capricorn represents the archetypal force in the 10th house of work and career birthed from your creative passionate spirit. Your divinity. Anything else is empty promises.

The Law of Attraction is all well and good, but if you don’t act then you’ll still be sitting here another year later wondering what’s wrong. The key is to set your intention and then meet each New Moon energy and transcend the apparent limitations offered.