Who said January is the right month to put your intentions into action?

From an energetic perspective it’s a challenge for me to get on the New Years band wagon of “let’s start new!” when Capricorn/winter season is about letting your seed thoughts- intentions dwell in the dark. Working with the rhythms nature offers there is great power in this winter resting place.

So why are we so busy setting things into motion? Pushing.

Capricorn is about creating a container, a sacred vessel within to allow spirit to work through you in service. In the days of instant gratification, instant manifestation how is your creative vessel?

Most astrologers agree the optimum time to plant your vision is at the spring planting in March- between the Pisces New Moon and Spring Equinox.  With this in mind our journey has just begun…

My Grandma was a wonderful baker and her molasses cake cookies were the talk of the town. The times I spent on the farm cooking with her as a child were magical. Grandma always made a test cookie, and she could tell when it came out the oven what was needed to tweak the recipe- with a “more of this, less of that” with an intuitive attitude.

As an astrologer let’s apply grandma’s wisdom to your Vision Board. Test it out for the next 60 days. What you glued down is not written in stone. Surrendering asks you go with the flow.

Yes your Vision Board may need to be tweaked, hey you may need some tweaking yourself  *smile*

::  Find the Blessing Field  ::

Step 1) Let your Vision Board cook. Right thinking [Mercury] leads to right action [Mars].  Mercury is all about thinking. Once your vision board is set, notice what’s holding you back. Allow the critical inner voice a place in the mix so you can dance with the energy…

Step 2) Shadow Dance: Listen for the inner voices-your mind chatter. Look for black and white thinking. It’s time to balance the negative self-talk. Look for your issues with FEAR/DOUBT/WORRY- fear of success, fear of failure are two biggies that dance with me. If you don’t know where to begin Carolyn Myss works with these four powerful archetypes: the Child, Victim, Prostitute, and Saboteur. 

We all have an inner orphan/child that wants attention, she also brings you a great soul gift. Tap into that blessed wound and you’ll find the blessing field you came to share/teach with others.

Step 3) Use the SoulCollage© process with your Vision Board: Take one aspect or image from your Vision Board, and ask this question:

What’s right about this I’m not getting?
What’s right about me I’m not getting?
– Access Consciousness

Am I in a state of contraction or expansion looking at this image? Track your energy like a hunter…this is where the SoulCollage© process is so valuable. Sit with some magazines and create a SoulCollage© card. Don’t over think the process, trust. Allow the card to speak, create a dialog…

  • “I am open to receiving guidance about this feeling?”
  • What if you use “I am the One who….” statement to expand into the energy?
  • Finish with “My message for you today is…”

Track your energy with each new moon on a consistent basis through the next 3 lunar cycles [Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces].

By journaling and creating art you can transform the worry, doubt and fear that naturally starts to show up once your vision board is created. Welcome the energy. Play simultaneously with your vision board and the SoulCollage© process. By actively dancing with the dark of the Moon and the light of the Sun you activate possibilities so by the New Moon in Aries, you’ll start to see action. By summer things on your Vision Board will be manifesting.

I promise your life will shift.

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

image from newmoonjournal.blogs.com