Remember when you loved Valentine’s day, the cards, the friendships. In honor of friendship day I created a short sweet art project as my gift to you to celebrate your business and our friendship.

I loved making these woven hearts as a child.  I’m excited to share this project with you for Valentines Day. In honor of One Billion Women Rising dance it, craft it, make it happen.

It’s a “Love My Business” Valentines project. My invitation is weave your intentions into the heart as you make it. Notice what happens, where you get stuck and want stop. Trust the process. You’re activating and working with the right brain. Watch what happens. Journal about your experience.

You may have a stash of paper that’s calling you for this project. You may want to go to Michael’s and wander around, see what calls to you in the paper aisle. Invite your children to play as well.

Click Here to Download the Project.

All the instructions are in this PDF. Including the printable template.

Journal about the experience.
What’s your intention for your business this year?
Maybe it’s time to recharge your vision.

Fill your woven heart with intentions. What new ways can I “Love My Business”? Then hang the woven heart on your Pin board or someplace where you can see it. Doesn’t it make you smile? Post a picture of your woven heart on my Facebook page and share your journey.

Happy Valentines Day!

With love,


P.S. Know any women in business who are struggling and need some fun?
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