I sent out a New Moon, New Me journal yesterday. It’s the first newsletter in two months, so I checked my stats this morning 102 emails bounced from wrong email addresses, 12 opt-outs and 5 complaints. Usually this upsets me, but today something shifted.  I looked at my list, so many of you have been with me for years… you love what I share and the writings inspire you.  I am so grateful.

To the fake email addresses, the opt-outs and the complainers-thank you dear friends for leaving, now I can spend my time with people that matter.

You are part of a community of women – I adore what you do in life and business.  I want you to stop the overwhelm, live your dream and get out into the community to serve more people and yes make more money. It’s not about the list, this is always about connection and community. Your presence here in my little world gives me joy.  Thank you.