Who are you? What are you a stand for?

If you can’t answer those two questions, then your clients are probably confused too. Everyone wants to be seen and heard. This is an image from a Martha Stewart stock certificate. What I love about the image is the symbol of her well thought out brand- it’s connection to the sky and the stars. In the 70’s she started with her love of cooking and home making by catering…that lead to cookbooks….that lead to home goods. This leads to that. What are you starting with?

Are you “telling” your process rather than “selling” the results?

Healers will tell me where they trained, what healing modalities they use. Confusion happens and your clients say NO fast when you lead off with the process (breathwork, journeying, healing) instead of what your clients get when they work with you (more clarity, more money, less anxiety).

Your client’s want outcomes; they want to know how you can help them out of their pain, solve their problem and give them real solutions that move them forward in life and business. If you are fuzzy then your clients are going to be fuzzy- they won’t show up or hire from you. Spring clean: it’s time to go back through your marketing materials, rewrite your copy.

Are you trying to be the next celebrity healer?

“I want to be the Martha Stewart of Feng Shui. I have big ideas and people are going to notice me.” Granted we live in the time of celebrity- both the Dalai Lama and Kim Kardashian are recognizable names yet both are vastly different in the way they inspire their communities. I don’t want to stop anyone from living their dream…but let’s get real…

How are you building your platform to make this happen?

Where’s the book you’ve been writing for eons? The classes you are called to teach? Once upon a time I employed Sally, a young interior designer from Connecticut; in the mid 70’s her mother and Martha shared a rivalry in town as caterers to friends and family. Martha leaped ahead because she had a vision and wrote a cookbook. Took action in small doable steps that lead to recognition and success; growing home making (retooled good old-fashioned home economics) into her brand.

In your birth chart the position of Taurus tells me a story about your self-esteem and self worth and your relationship to abundance and money making, as a leader of your movement you have to hone your Taurus to move the work out into the world.

“How am I standing up for my vision with good solid planning?”

 Dreaming + Action = Business + Recognition

How are you different than other mentors, healers and coaches? Schedule a VIP day with me, let’s craft your mission statement from this place. I am a stand for you connecting and listening to spirit and then helping you manifest your gifts into products and services your clients want.

YOU + SOURCE + YOUR GIFTS = Healer in Business