In 2003 I started teaching online and now have clients-friends all over the world. Here are a few quick tips for teaching online.

Step 1. Determine what’s the purpose of the class? Is it to grow your community (list building),  to teach a process or both? The purpose determines the content. Is this an introductory class or for seasoned professionals?  Why does your client need and want to take your class?

Step 2. Write and Create the sales page online. Sales page is simply a description of your class stating the benefits together with how to pay for the class.  How much are you charging for this? How is the content going to be delivered- audio, eBook? How will the students/clients sign up and pay? Newbies usually use PayPal but eventually you’ll want to move to a shopping cart system.

Step 3. Create a 45-60 minute Preview call with a call-to-action (sign up). The preview teleseminar gives a taste of what the class is about. There needs to be a call to action in your preview call along with a link to the Sales page on how to sign up for the course.

Step 4. What system are you going to use for the delivery? You can host your calls via a service like FreeConferenceCall or InstantTeleseminar.

Step 5. Here are the action steps.

Determine the Purpose > Create Content > Announce the Preview Call >  Page to Sign-up for Preview Call > Sign up > Give Call details > Send out Reminders of the Call >  Hold Preview Call > Send to Sales Page During Preview Call > Sign up for class > Send Out Reminders to Signup for Class > Pay for class > Hold class.

Step 6. Schedule the preview call and start telling people. Give yourself 8-10 days to promote preview call. Get them registered for the call by signing up. Sign up and then they get the call details.

Step 7. Building community and relationships aka list building is the most important part of this process. You are inviting people into your community. You need an effective way to manage the list (called an autoresponder i.e. convertkit, mail chimp, aweber). This lets you continue to communicate with prospective clients after the preview call. You are building trust. They may not sign up the first time, for your first class. Start communicating on a regular basis. Usually via your newsletter.

Simple, easy peasy. You have the gift and talent to teach. You need to have the systems and support in place to make this work for you so you stay out of overwhelm, serve more people and have a greater impact in the community you serve- local or global.

I teach this and more in the Healer Toolkit : where you can learn my proven step-by-step system for quickly designing, marketing and growing a sustainable healing business without losing your heart in the process.

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