The Genius of Sir Paul McCartney: I’ve seen Sir Paul’s tour three times in the last 25 years, the latest this past Sunday when he kicked off his “Out There” North American tour.

After the first three songs he stopped went to the front of the stage, thanked the audience for coming. Then he did something I’ve never seen him do before on any of the tours, he said

“I want to take a moment to take you and this all in.”

A moment of grace.

“For a person who’s stuck in the wrong life, setting out on a North Star Quest has all the combined attractions of suicide and childbirth. To complete it, you’ll have to kill off the old You and give birth to a different You, somebody nobody has ever seen before. Neither side of this process is painless, and they’re both scary as hell.”- Martha Beck

1) The Beatles. Genius. Common everyday boy loves making music.

He gets together with other mates; his collaboration leads to greater things than he could do alone. As a solo-entrepreneur what ways can you collaborate with another person to support each other’s growth (personally and professionally)?

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, and that’s okay.”

2) The Beatles break-up. Change hurts.

Everything that did work now doesn’t. You’re miserable. What are you going to do about it? The Beatles broke up because no one was happy, which made everybody (the fans) sad and mad when the music stopped. In business do you have the courage to speak your truth, and change course, rework the plan? It may be time to abandon what’s here and start over.

Where am I staying the same because I’m afraid to hurt someone?

Where am I limiting my ability to create greater because of other people will think?

Give yourself permission to not know, and surrender.

“I don’t measure a woman’s success by how high she climbs but how high she bounces back when she hits bottom.”

3) Sir Paul creates Wings- new band, new award winning music.

Change leads to death of the old way. Death and rebirth. Sometimes you have to hang in the dangle when the new way hasn’t shown up. It’s uncomfortable. You are asked to see in the dark, trust your decisions. You are dreaming the new way…yet may feel pangs of anger, sadness, grief, and even a longing to go back.  Know you are right on course. You may need support. If it lasts longer than 40 days then get support.

4) Death happens.

Beatles break-up, Wings, widower, divorce, remarriage. Do what you love. Music. Recreate yourself. At the core you are who you are.

Permission to come back again and again.

Synthesize what works; keep honing your creative genius.

Genius never goes away.

Honor the past to create the future. Lesson: In business be willing to honor the mess of life and allow it to fuel your creative genius. Give voice to your journey. Your mess is your message.

You are called to heal and then teach from that mess- therein lies your genius.

Your soul’s work. Find your Genius remembering…

“And, in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”