We sit in the dark of the Gemini New Moon. Gemini is about networking and social interaction. It’s about giving voice to your truth. In business this shows up in speaking your truth to clients and team members. Asking and receiving. Money. Goods. Services. Giving voice. Speaking up.

People are asking me is Mercury retrograding?

No Jupiter, the archetype of expansion and creativity is about to change signs. Lots of shaking up around speaking up. See you can’t work this energy with old solutions. It’s about collaboration and truth telling. The old ways of doing business are changing. And it isn’t about women fitting into the old business model or leaning in.

We are being called forward. That means coming out of the closet and letting yourself express what you came to teach and share. To not worry about what others say or think because it’s their issue, not yours. Well it is if you are holding back.

As an explorer of the new possibilities what am I willing to stand up for, give voice too and teach?  Where have I DULLED myself down?

How am I living someone’s money story? How is that keeping  me locked in and locked down?

  • Getting scared to tell a client your fee and then backing down for a lessor rate.
  • Not raising your fees yet investing in training.
  • When “what do you do?” leaves you stumbling and mumbling

When women address the fear and own our “upper limits” issue around making money then we will ALL have the breakthroughs we desire. Singularly and collectively. And that will change the world. -Michele Grace Lessirard

I am a stand for YOU clearing and healing your money story. When you do so you’ll life will shift. We are all bound in some way by the past limiting beliefs and sayings of our parents and grandparents. Those images and beliefs were formed for those times. We are in an age of awakening. Our task is to take those lessons, re-frame and/or surrender  them with LOVE so new solutions can manifest.

How am I living someone else’s money story? How is their story keeping  me locked in and locked down in my personal and professional life?