Waiting for a client to call I see a friend’s post from an astrologer (I don’t know) and then the post disappeared. The astrologer is talking about the energies of the moment and said:

“During these three weeks, the energies of the two luminaries, the moon and the sun, combine together to create a massive radioactive energy. We do not have the spiritual protection for handling such a light.”

Massive radioactive energy. (Huh???)

What does that really mean and how is it helping or serving anyone? I get so irritated when people in the healing arts promote fear. The nerve. It’s reckless aka look at me energy.

Yes it’s intense… Uranus* Square Pluto is all about INTENSITY. There’s a revolution going on, that means breakdown to breakthrough. Not easy peasy. No status quo. Hell I just went on a 20-minute eating binge and I have not done that in two years.

And you are ready for this. You asked to be born during an incredible Renaissance and Restoration.

I opt for thriving, not surviving.

I opt for seeing the light. Your light. My light. Not some scary black hole or radioactive whatever “it’s gremlin time so beware” crap.

FEAR is old school. Old paradigm. Sure it sucks sometimes, life can be hard. Keep showing up. You’re not alone. Reach out ask for help. Get support.

Our brilliance scares us and amazes us. You’ve been given spiritual tools to embrace and transform what’s landing in your lap (emotionally, physically and mentally). If you don’t know what to do find a coach/mentor/therapist who can lovingly speak the language of transformation.

Here’s the revolution. You are being asked to discern and decide. Some of your coping skills may not be working and it’s making you feel crappy. Especially the 40 something people. Spend time out in nature. Hug your cat. Walk your dog.  Get a massage. *sigh* If someone is preaching fear- walk away you’re with the wrong mentor.