You are called to tend and protect your sacred space. The home front aka Business and Home.

When you first start out in business and don’t have your own body of work, I recommend clients find a book they love and start teaching with it. Scaffolding with a book is a great way to kick start your creative juice that will morph into your soul’s work, a signature system. I didn’t say copy I mean inspire. There’s a difference.

After 5-day soul retrieval training, Sandra Ingerman encouraged us to go out and teach in our communities using her book. I spoke to audiences at Barnes and Nobles, taught a series of classes at the local new age stores and as well as the local university. I built my work, and a clientele base through those experience, through the book.

Before the internet there was a time we sat with our ideas and cooked them. Our visions had time and space to incubate. Today I’m going to ask you to check in and see how this fits for you. Hold your visions as sacred.

  • Protect your vision. Its yours. Sharing the vision before its time is like crushing the grapes and immediately expecting a fine wine. Your visions need time to distill and build power. Sit in the energy and with your inspirations. Journal. Paint. Collage. Ground the wisdom. As an Oracle when the creative force is on you understand your body becomes the container for the wisdom to flow into. You control the out of as well. Own that force. You may find yourself posting on Forums, FaceBook and social media to dissipate the creative energy. STOP.

As a woman of power I lovingly allow my ideas and inspirations to ground by holding the space for the vision to incubate.

  • Close the door and kick out the Stalkers. She friends your friends on Facebook. It feels weird. She takes your class and then offers a form of it to her community. Weird again. She’s not innovating, she’s copying you and you know it. Pay attention to the weird. People today are hungry. Innovators are out ahead of the pack. Don’t try and fit in. Own your gifts.
    Stalking is a form of fear. With the internet there are no boundaries so as an innovative adult YOU have to respond by setting the boundaries for your creative work. That means roping off your sacred space and protecting your good work. Do you have “friends” on FaceBook that need to be purged?  Do you have people show up in your classes that then go model what you do? Are you okay with it? Feel in your body. Trust your NO. Once upon a time a woman, who was giving a new moon presentation, called me and shared “Can I use your name as a resource at my presentation because I’ve used so much of the material on your website.” If someone is showing up in your classes and copying what you do, then get their IP address; block them from your sites. Close your doors to that person. Honor yourself.

As a woman of power I lovingly let go of those relationships that no longer serve my soul’s work in the world.

  • Invest in 1:1 coaching or mentoring. Stop trying to meet all your needs in a large group process. A large group mastermind is like being in a shark tank. Everyone is vying for attention from the coach, and then trying to figure out who they are in business; sometimes at the expense of your vision “hey that sounds good, I’m gonna run with what you just shared.” I still don’t get the all for one, one for all mentality when it comes to innovation. One of my mentors shared “keep you ideas to yourself until they are grown a bit.” Don’t post every inspiration in your mastermind forum. Hold the Vision. Incubate. Pay for 1:1 coaching. Really look at where you are and who you are giving your power too in relationship to money and mindset.

As a woman of power I lovingly set boundaries by investing in mentoring that allows my vision to be witnessed and protected.

Your creativity and $$ earning power are directly connected to setting healthy boundaries. Creating sacred space. What are you aware of today? Please stop by the blog and leave a comment.