Do you have the stamina to carry on?

Or do you give up in the middle of your creative process?

I have a celebration to share and it was not easy getting here.

Yesterday I gave the New Moon teleclass with over 100 people registered for the call. Today my email is buzzing with people asking questions, telling stories of healing and empowerment…sharing how the call inspired them to take action, how they shifted. Like the little girl in the picture I’m so dang happy!

Do you know I bless everyone who signs ups as the registration emails come pouring in….because it wasn’t always this way.

Last year 3 people signed up for this same teleclass. I was working so hard. I invested in a new email system that just was taking me under. My virtual assistant didn’t work out, and I was struggling on so many levels. Even though my coach suggested I move in a different direction, I stayed with it.

Which caused my message to be all over the place, but more so I felt sad the work I loved was going from bad to worse.

I started experimenting. I did videos. I committed to a launch schedule and decided to teach what makes my heart sing. I recommitted to the crazy good system I invested in. Doing whatever it takes I decided to make it work. Keep rinsing and repeating until I worked out the kinks.

And here I sit, six months later just happy. This month figure out what your heart wants to create.

Give voice and attention to the inspirations and divine downloads that are happening. Get your systems in place. Figure out where you lost power in living life and do something about it, so six months from now your life will be better. Carry on…