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LIBRA New Moon, New ME! Teleclass

The Libra New Moon happens Friday, October 4th, 2013.
Just the information presented about the upcoming
Mercury Retrograde this month is worth signing up for the call!

Shamanic astrologer Michele Grace Lessirard shares the story of this lunation,
about the energy unfolding at the New Moon related to power, partnership and money.

Libra New Moon Teleclass

 The Grace of Collaboration
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
7pm Eastern | 6pm Central | 5pm Mountain | 4pm Pacific

ALL New Moons ask you to shadow dance; Luna helps you focus on those images and beliefs that block you from moving forward in your life. A New Moon asks for introspection. In the dark of the moon we can find answers when we show up with intention. Libra is about balance, harmony and partnering. In order to partner one must own their boundaries, know their self?worth.

The Keyword: Balance

What you seeded at the Aries New Moon last spring is now manifesting. The New Order. Be the Storyteller. Find Your SPARK. It’s the passion that attracts the client’s you are called to SERVE.

Shine your brightest. Create and take a risk to be seen. Opportunities and divine downloads…fiery passion to make your dreams a reality. To serve I must understand what I am called to create and Leo ruled by the Sun touches all of our lives with its brilliance.

Shamanic Astrologer Michele Grace Lessirard talks about the energy of the moment and the energy unfolding. Michele Grace has consciously worked with the Star Beings for the last 20 years in her New Moon work. She’ll talk about that relationship, the energy of Libra and how you can connect to your own inner wisdom through the journey of the New Moon this month.

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