You’re invited to join me on the Pisces Full Moon

I’ll talk about what’s going on in the sky, the change of seasons
and how it relates to your personal and professional life. Pisces is all about the dreamer within.

I’ve felt a really strong impulse this week that I share on the Pisces Full Moon, leading up to the Fall Equinox on Saturday. I’m following this guidance by saying YES! and allowing my inner council to share the story that wants to be said at this Pisces full moon. You are invited to join me.  As you know I’m more of a new moon teacher, but I am a Pisces gal too, plus it’s a breakthrough time for so many splirit-led women. I trust what’s going to come through and just know if you are called to show up, you’ll get an aha and breakthrough. Please share this email with family and friends of like mind.

How to Prepare:

What I ask of you: This harvest gathering is experiential and interactive in nature. so I ask that you create a sacred space to take the call. That means stowing all pets, kids and spouses. Arrive to the call around 6:55 ish ready to go.

Oh and bring some blank paper, some colored stuff to write with- pens, markers…whatever calls you. If you are a SoulCollage® person then of course trust your inner guidance and bring images that are calling to you. If you want to collage, go through a couple magazines and tear out images that speak to you. Trust that all will be revealed.  Shamanic astrology is an ancient strategy for personal learning, using normally neglected or hidden potentialities of heart, mind and spirit.