What if my business feels like it’s sucking the life out of me? I don’t know what to do but I know I need to do something.

Smallness never lets you know you have a choice because it wants isolation and drama.

Every business has a beginning, middle and end; this rhythm is mirrored in Nature and the Stars. To keep innovating you must let go of things that are not working. Sometimes that means…

Breaking hearts (yours).   Breaking bad (it can get ugly).   Breaking up.

The old way is falling apart, while the new is being birthed. As a Creative Genius, your Great Work is not going to look like Sally Sue down the street.

Maybe you started out copying a biz model that worked for Sally Sue. Raises hand I’ve done that. 👋
Maybe you copied your coach’s biz model. 👋
Maybe your creative juices kicked in you went gangbusters rocking out some great new stuff… 👋
and then it petered out. Now what? 👋

No joy = No action.

Where am I applying a “One Size Fits All” approach?

I see way to many *healers in business holding on to a business structure that’s not working for them. Look at the telesummit model. Who has time to sit through 10+ hours of interviews with people saying the same thing?

Maybe you read a “one size approach” in a freebie or some “guru coach” told you do this (sit there long enough and they’ll start shouting at you).  Whatever stopped you cold. No joy = No action. Maybe your creativity dried up.

Maybe as a *healer in business there an unconscious fear of speaking up because Mom and Dad’s voice is still renting space in your head around mo.ney and being entrepreneur.

What you forget is NO ONE in your family EVER owned a business yet you may be giving more weight to family members cutting your creative ideas down. Root out the where the gotta “get a job” mentality is sucking the entrepreneurial life out of you.

When you do get good advice, do you still go into doubt because Mom and Dad’s voice is still are so fricking loud in your head? How’s that working for you?

I see way to many *healers in business holding back. Afraid to be seen. They think they know what to do, get in the middle of a muddle and then sit back with no money, afraid to reach out and ask for support. That’s no fun either.

I broke my business. Deliberately.  Course corrected. The action put me out of commission for 60 days while I figured out what was wrong,  ways I got caught up in a “business model” that wasn’t working for me and gave my power away. I rebounded.

I cried and cried. Big stuff I was holding onto let go. Now I’m a whole lot happier.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Here’s the truth. Sometimes you have to break up what you’ve put your heart and soul into.

Close up shop to put it back together. Walk away. You’ve outgrown it. It doesn’t call to you anymore. It’s not fun. This doesn’t mean you failed, it means you’re at the end of something.  Sometimes you can’t see it because you’re in the middle of it. All you know is business is hard and it sucks.

The longer the breakup, the more painful it gets. While you’re beating yourself up nothing gets done. Your level of anxiety goes through the roof and your self-esteem goes straight into the toilet.

:: 4 Steps to Breaking Bad ::

Watch for Shadow issues. The shame and blame you don’t want to see or acknowledge. The elephant in the room everyone wants to ignore.

Step 1) Figure out what’s not working

Lions. Tigers and Bears. It’s hard to course correct the business with the same mindset that got you into this place. Step away. Simply ask “What’s not working in this _________?” and “What’s my next step?” Expect an answer. Gut checks, oh NO! moments. A good sign is you’ll start crying (you’ve been holding on for so long). Yes it hurts. Your stomach will feel it first. You may get angry. You’ll go through the five stages of grief. It’s a death. Then you can start again.

Be brave. Be bold. You might be angry reading this post. Decide to unsubscribe because I’m not all “LOA” at the moment. Okay. You’ll still be in the muddle pretending everything’s okay and it isn’t. Justsayin.

Step 2) Go play. Schedule a play day (a couple of them).

Go window shopping. Go to an antique store. Cook your favorite meal. Your answer may come standing in the shower. In the middle of the night at 3 am.  It may come on a walk in the woods. Playing with your kids. It may just suddenly land. Write it down. Keep writing the aha’s down. Honor the wisdom of your inner muse by writing it down. Don’t dis Spirit. Make an offering (tobacco, corn meal, sage) to your altar and/or land to honor the exchange with Spirit. Grab some Kleenex- more crying in joy.

Step 3) Make space.

Create sacred space for wisdom to inform you.

Staying busy, acting as if nothing is wrong is how you got here in the first place. Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way Morning Pages are a good thing while you’re going through the muddle. So is creating SoulCollage® cards. Crying stops. You’ll see an answer.

Step 4) Get support.

I’d love to help you make sense of this, reach out and book a session. As a builder I’m really good at taking things apart; it’s my Aries moon and my Scorpio rising. As a seasoned entrepreneur I won’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself.  Click here to book a session with me.

Your mess is your message.
You are called to heal and then teach from that mess-
therein lies your Genius. Your soul’s work. Find your Genius remembering…
“And, in the end The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

* P. S. All women are healers.