Join with spirit-led women who are committed to taking their business to the next level by dancing through the doorway of the New Moon.

Starting with the Aries energies you are called stand with me on the razor’s edge with passion, purpose and clarity one lunar cycle at a time. Come to the New Moon Teleclass where I’ll discuss the Aries New Moon and introduce you to the work. In this New Moon Teleclass let’s lead the way…

  • What’s the call and response for standing strong as a leader and healer in these times?
  • Why do the Pisces and Aries energies work together?
  • What’s happening with the Mars Retrograde and how does that affect my business
  • How do I dance through the doorway of this New Moon?
  • Q&A to take the teachings deeper.

“Go forward, create… remember who you are and what you are worth in the bigger picture. Give a spiritual value to everything you invoke.”

It’s time to blaze new trails at this Aries New Moon. I hope you’ll join me. You’ll get all the details in an email after registering. Can’t make the call? Register anyway and I’ll send the recording so you have it in plenty of time to work with the New Moon energy.

This call is over.

After the call: Allow journaling time before and after the call to take the insights deeper. Be quiet, mindful and present to what is happening within and those on the call with you. We are a sacred circle.