I was called.

To leave home and family

To get on a plane and

Go to a place I didn’t know

With people I never met.

I KNEW I had to be there.

In circle.


March 17th, 1994

I knew before I got there

Something BIG was about to happen.

Could feel it in my bones….

I trusted my inner voice more

than the fear and resistance.

Initiation. Heart opening. Clearing the Past.

Intuition.  Guides and Guidance.

Awakening. Transcendence.

Everything shifted in my life.

When I said YES!

To my Healership.

To the Oracle Aligned.

The Journey can feel incredibly hard;

It stretches you beyond your comfort zone…

To come home different yet the same.

To come home changed.

There were not a lot of resources back then.

How to be in this new life

Make sense of it first to me and

then trying to explain to others.

That’s what Initiation is about.

It takes time.
It takes faith.
It takes courage.

That’s what I see in you.

Trust. Faith. Courage.

The desire to make the world a better place.

One client at a time.

I wonder…

What’s CALLING you?

From me to you, to honor our journey

As a healer what tools can help me activate

my talents, gifts and capacities?

So you can serve more people…

and make a good living doing what you love.

Bright blessings,

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard
Founder of the Global Alliance for Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs
Marketing for Healers & Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach®