Let’s talk networking. Networking is the art of mixing and mingling…it’s a function of business where groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

I was such a baby when I decided to go to the interior design conference called NEO-Con in Chicago. I got on a plane, rented a car, stayed in a hotel all by myself at the tender age of 25 because I wanted to network with the giants in my industry. Is your vision bigger than your scary big fear?

It’s time to come out and share as a healer in business. To get your work out in the world that serves your clients and impacts the community you serve. What does that mean? It means getting out of the house. It means being uncomfortable because it’s a new skill. It means be willing to fail.

Step 1: Get clear on your message.

What benefits do client’s receive when they work with you? When someone asks “What do you do?” be ready with a well thought out response. If you need support then get some coaching with me.

Step 2: Find places to network.

Look in the local paper, even online to find local groups- it may be a meet-up group, a local BNI chapter or a local conference. It’s recommended you attend 2-3 networking events a week to grow your healership. Here’s the deal you must get out of the house and network to grow a sustainable business.

Step 3: Go it Alone.

Remember standing on the playground and seeing a group of girls. It’s pretty intimidating to go mix and mingle with them. Begin networking with a clear intention = Growing my Business.

Networking does NOT mean getting a group of your girlfriends together, sitting together and traveling in packs. Then you are ‘doing lunch’. Truth is you are staying in YOUR comfort zone and this isn’t networking. If you come with a group, agree to go mix and mingle. Go your separate ways, come back together on the ride home to share stories. Hold each other accountable, have a contest who met the most people- aim for at least 2-5 new people you can follow up, have virtual tea. Otherwise is networking the best use of your time?