3 Keys to Find your Voice + Claim Your Movement
The Gemini New Moon, New ME! Teleclass
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
7pm Eastern | 6pm Central | 5pm Mountain | 4pm Pacific

How have I DULLED myself down?

I work with intuitive business women (healers, creatives, visionaries) who have issues with being seen. They hide their intuitive gifts in an attempt to fit in and be normal. You are anything BUT normal. You are a change agent and leader. The woo-woo is part of your story.

You want people to find you. You want to share your gifts. You may be afraid to show up and speak your truth. It may be a past life. It may be a parent. It may be your coach. This new moon we’ll explore the ways you are dulling yourself down when…


This Gemini New Moon  is about speaking YOUR truth and finding what works for you. Are you reaching the people you are called to serve? Gemini rules message and brand.

This is the season to work with the magic of your message. Clarity. Wisdom. Purpose. Are you being called to the stage to speak and teach. No matter if your stage is large or small the heart of your message remains the same. Your mess is your message. Now Claim it at this Gemini New Moon.

What part of your shero’s journey do you long to share?

We’ll be working with getting clear and claiming your Voice. You don’t want to miss this call.

Do you have trouble telling your truth? As a child I mumbled and a huge fear of public speaking.

Are you clear as a bell?

My throat chakra was shut tighter than a drum. As I healed what shut me down the power of my voice returned solid and strong. As a healer in business where are you holding back your truth? This may be keeping you stuck and broke.

Gemini’s energy is about truth telling without attachment to the outcome- the quest at this Gemini New Moon is show up, be real in the moment, to let the energy flow and go.

What stage is calling you? Why are you holding back? What needs to be surrendered?