Throw Back Thursdays #TBT on Facebook is always interesting. When I see old photos of a person I start getting aha’s when I least expect it. Just happens. It’s a form of remote viewing. Years ago, as a newbie healer, my ‘shamanic sight’ reawakened just as a friend’s husband went missing.

He worked on a construction crew, building shopping malls. Hubs traveled from job site to job site, usually out of state. That week he proudly packed up his new truck with tools and left to work. A week later he didn’t call (before cell phones); my friend got worried and called the police. She asked me to check in, and gave me his picture. I had just learned long distance healing…I went into meditation and ‘saw’ him in a dark room, ‘felt’ a bang hit my chest, and ‘heard’ he lost consciousnesses. He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t in a good space either.

A few days later the police caught the men who stole his truck. Then found the husband in a darkened hotel room where the car thieves had bound him up after shooting him in the chest with some sort of nail driver. They took him to the hospital where he called his wife.

Having the gift of ‘sight’ brings many blessings, it also comes with responsibility. I am so grateful for my shamanic studies, it gave me a safe container and boundaries to work with. It’s not always love, light and fairy dust.

P.S. At the time I was so freaked out it took me several months to integrate. That’s normal. You’ll step forward, you’ll pull back to integrate. I see these experiences like the movie the Matrix. Once you know, you know.

My students are deep divers. Roll up the sleeves lets get drumming. Conversations that start with “would you please tell me what the heck is going on?”