Towering over me, his body pressed up against mine, Raymond pretends to get a book off the top shelf. He stays too long. Leaning in. Rubbing up. I can feel his breath on my head, hardness on my back. The rest of the class is milling about the library I feel trapped, sick to my stomach and invisible.

I dart away under his arm, he just laughs it off. I walk around in a daze as my girlfriend Sharon rushes up “Michele don’t let him DO THAT to you!” Something happened. She saw it. Hot flash of shame floods me, this is wrong. I am wrong.

On the bus Sharon fills me in on “the wrongness” of it. After school I head to Paula’s house, her mom is kind and generous. Sitting at her kitchen table it’s safe. Paula and I talk, she listens. I love going over there.

Today I tell my secret. How he’s tormenting me. Waiting until the teacher’s busy writing on the black board Raymond turns around with laughing eyes and voice a whisper threatening

“You watch out girl, I’m gonna take you out in the woods and mess with you at lunch today. “ Worried, on guard I stay away from the woods and close to the wall by the steps in a group of friends.

Bullied by this man-boy, holding in way too long my story spills out as Paula’s mom listens. When I’m done it’s getting dark, I ride my bike home for dinner. Lighter.

Mom’s waiting by the basement door as the screen door slams behind me; her anger hits me before she even speaks. Voice tight

“Paula’s Mom just called. YOU never tell me anything!”

For not telling her.
Letting this happen.
No hugs.

Never a “you’re going to be okay.” Nothing.

In a house where abuse is denied this story has no where to go. Where “what will people think” carries more weight than feeling and telling the truth. I am violated again.

Being 12 years old sucks.

My Snow Queen Mother buried her feelings in a haze of cigarettes, scotch and ‘nerve’ pills.
I disappear into fudgesicles and cookie dough.

A good girl I followed Mom’s “don’t talk, don’t tell policy” until my own daughter is born. I had to heal. I had to tell. Love myself. Love my daughter. Growing up all my Mom wanted to do was be a good wife and mother. I was her first baby, she got better with the rest. Still even today I wonder how we got so lost to each other and…

How much of my mother’s frozen emotional DNA seeps into the relationship with my dear daughter? I trust I did better. Mother’s Day isn’t always warm, loving, fuzzy memories. Sometimes hallmark card moments are hard to find for a Snow Queen’s child.

Like a layer on a pearl, you can’t specifically identify the irritant, the moment of the irritant, but at the end of the day, you know you have a pearl.- Ken Burns


The Gift of Bullying– The rest of the story with Raymond.

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