shellsSomething’s making ripples in the pool water.

It’s bigger than a frog. Smaller than a rat.

Wasn’t there this morning when I let the dog out, but it’s here now. Dang. Long slender body with little pink paddle feet, swirling around in the water.

It’s a mole.

Mole has never made an appearance in the 5 years we’ve lived here on this land, yet I see their tunnels everywhere. Scooping the little one up and out of the water, careful he doesn’t fall, mole plops down onto dark moist soil and burrows away.


Mole is one of my totems.

15 years ago I gave away Mole, a beautiful Zuni carved Cowrie shell fetish, to my mentor Ellen in support of her journey through breast cancer.

I loved holding the Mole fetish in my hand, feeling the flatness, the colors- brown flecks on one side, mother of pearl on the other… imagining the artist carving the lines on mole’s back. What was it like to carve a seashell into the shape of a mole?

Then one morning in my shamanic journey spirit said “It’s time for the Mole to move on” my Teacher shared, “Give it to Ellen. Mole will help her root out the cause of the disease and heal.”

I gave Ellen the mole. At the time my mentor didn’t want to hear what I was learning about healing, I kept silent and didn’t push. Let her just be. What did I know, I was just her student.

I didn’t trust my whispers back then…

A few years later Ellen and I are in a bead store standing shopping together when the carved bone skeleton beads called to me. “Make Ellen a chain. Make her a chain. Death is stalking her.”

Bought the beads yet said nothing again. Sounded so crazy, beads talking.

I didn’t trust my whispers back then…

A few weeks later at her 5-year checkup the docs discover a small spot missed on the original x-ray. Cancer came roaring back. Then she was gone. Poof. Wishing the mole and Ellen would come back, never again. And then…

Last March a box arrived, the Cowrie shell returned to me in the form of a beautiful rattle from my BFF Carol. Her cancer too was hidden from view, the doctors missed the signs. October 25, 2013 she passed surrounded by family in a blaze of love.

Ellen, Carol and the mole have a message for me.

Mole Medicine means burrowing down below the surface, to see what lies underneath, how to see buried treasures, the gifts, the blessings of the unseen.

Ability to feel into things.

Sensitive to touch. knowing beyond all knowing.

Carol. Ellen. Mole. Carol’s last conversation to me? “Keep moving forward with the WORK around healers and their money stories.”

See the hidden treasures. That when one is so ‘touchy” about money the invitation is missed, the alliance, the blessings.

We are in relationship with everything.

If Mole comes to you, what is it asking?

What healing story is ready to be revealed?

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