“I invested in a coach for my business, but that didn’t work out. Now I’m struggling with how much to charge. Last month I asked a woman sitting next to me at an event if she could help me with my pricing. She told me to set up a discovery session. I think it’s really sad when you can’t ask a simple question and get an answer. Everyone just wants to charge me.”

I wasn’t surprised when this conversation arose after an astrology reading with a client last week. “Why do I have to pay for something that feels so simple. It’s just a question?”

For the last ten years I’ve heard it time and time again with healing practitioners. I’ve also felt the frustration too. I get what she’s talking about. Can you relate?

Once upon a time she invested in herself looking for answers by hiring a coach- things didn’t work out. Trouble is she’s still stuck in that coaching relationship. The divorce isn’t final, what happens when you loose your MOJO on Coaching Aisle 6?

* Your creativity dries up.
* There’s a struggle with money.
* You are having trouble getting focused.

You search for answers, ready to receive, but no one’s giving you anything. Things are getting pretty wonky. When “who you hired” didn’t meet your expectations you’ll take ‘issue’ with other coaches and mentors. Been there, done that. She sounded surprised when I said,

“Good for her, that woman has good boundaries around her time and money. She offered you a gift to heal your money story.”

Whoa Nelly- It’s ME! Not her?

What is at play? Fear. Fear is driving you all over the place looking for ‘free’ answers. The more resistance drives the bus, the fewer clients show up at our sessions.

Has this happened to you?


Like any divorce it’s time to DO the emotional cleanup from your last coaching relationship. Be ruthless in your inventory about what happened, where it went “wrong” for you and why. This isn’t about making anyone wrong. If blame is fueling you, then there is a deeper issue going on. The task is to restore the TRUST and FAITH in yourself to make the right decisions.

3 Steps to Clean Up Coaching Aisle 6

1. Figure out your FOMO. Scroll back to the initial interview with the coach or “your run for the stage” at an event.

What was driving me?
What did I need?
Did I get caught up in the moment? What happened?

Figure out your “FEAR of MISSING OUT” energy. When did scarcity slam into your shame?

2. INVOKE Truth. In the coaching sessions what was asked of me? When did I go into resistance? Hone in on what happened as an observer. Risk being vulnerable.

Here’s the thing…maybe what was being asked wasn’t a fit for you and your business. Maybe you needed more direction. You didn’t ask. Maybe you needed some emotional clearing work; when that didn’t happen you shut down. No one was listening.

Hired more than one coach? Please STOP throwing money at the problem! Figure out the emotions behind the hire. Stop draining retirement accounts and racking up credit card debt. You mean well but something deeper is going on. Your soul loss is running the show! Why am I hiring coach-after-coach and then not getting my needs met? This resistance needs to be addressed before you make your next hire.

3. Do a relationship inventory of all people you’ve hired. Make a list. Graphic designers, web people, coaches, virtual assistants. Be ruthless. Create SoulCollage® cards to honor this shadow energy. Decide to re-establish TRUST. Make it a priority. Once you name the ways you’ve undermined your own knowing, watch for ways it’s showing up in your life.

“When you know better, you do better.”- Maya Angelou

Begin again. Be confident in knowing who to hire and why I’m hiring you.

Lost your mojo? Have a business relationship that went south? Haven’t been able to make decisions? Struggling with money? Trust me to get you where you want to be. Let’s Talk

What else if possible?

With deep love,



Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht. is well known for her wisdom and humor as a leader, healer and teacher; mentoring clients all over the world through her private coaching, group programs, products and events. Are you ready to break through resistance, stop spinning in doubt so you can open up new realms of creativity? A path that leads you to making money with ease and grace?