Michele Grace:: Connect | Build | Inspire ::  Today I closed the door to the Healer Toolkit, a home study course I created 5 years ago. These 3 words still call to me. Architect by nature and training…it’s the core of my why… it’s why I started Marketing for Healers back in 2006. A decade ago.

In January I started asking “does this fit me today? What would I really like to create?” As my teacher used to say…I was hanging in the dangle.

Asking. Listening. Following the Lightness. In March I joined the Coherence Lab with Fabeku Fatunmise. I started spinning around and shaking off the ugly. Cosmic explosions of the highest magnitude are happening.

Sometimes you’ll peel back layers of what you thought you wanted and connect to some old ugly stuff. Ugly stuff is good! It means you are cooking. New creativity is coming.

Sometimes you’ll look around scratching your head wondering “how the hell did I get here?” Warning it can be a bit shocking.

Sometimes you’ll be afraid to right yourself back up, because you made an investment. Made a choice. Then judge all your choices from then on. Dear One ask yourself where have I….

Stopped receiving.
Stopped listening.

The “not working out” can leave one feeling like a failure and a fraud. This is a good thing because you can’t build a strong foundation on a pile of crap. New creativity is coming.

Taurus is a foundational energy in your birth chart. Here you are called to figure out what you’re building with, building on, building towards.

Mercury Rx in Taurus goes retrograde on April 28th, the Taurus New Moon is May 6th. When the Sun and Moon meet-up in Taurus you get to see the ugly, the stuff that’s holding you back. Make different choices. Forgive yourself.

Build anew. Build better.