seed journalNeon Da’bear.  Love your UGLY. Here’s the story of how painting a Neon Pink Bear helped heal a layer of my money story around limits and possibility.

NEON. For over a decade I’ve been buying markers, paint, pencils. I couldn’t get enough neon color in my life for a reason.

Summer of Love. 1968. Beach. Boardwalk. Sun. Fun.

I bought this black light poster of a neon bear holding flowers on the boardwalk. Gosh I loved that bear.

Painting the back of my new inspiration journal I was waiting for, well, inspiration. Then Da’bear woke me up in the middle of the night last week and KNEW Neon, Da’bear, needed to be on the back cover of my new journal.

I loved painting. Started early. At 8 I couldn’t get enough of the little pots of color in my paint-by-numbers kit.

At 12 Mom enrolled me in an art class- drawing still-life with oils.

Back then very few kids get to go to art classes. It was a time of the Vietnam protest, hippies and black light posters.

Friends made fun of me for going to painting class. Started calling me “Rich Mitch” because my family had money. Money allowed me opportunity. Money separated me.

Painting Neon, Da’bear I started pulling the thread, looking at the ugly. New awareness bubbled up- I blamed my parents for having money. When I go to create wealth I’d hit this upper limits and wham back down I’d go. Just enough to not draw attention. Stand out.

Push pull. Push pull. I used my Access Consciousness Tools to clear it. Wow. Who knew?

What threads are you ready to pull around your money story?