Signing up at the local bookstore
for a Tarot reading.
Along the back of the shop
there are these little rooms
where the person reads your cards.
Enough for two chairs and a table.

The woman reading for me is a bit scattered,
her arm in a cast, she threw the cards.
I don’t remember what the cards said that day.

What do I remember? 
“I’m glad you woke up…I woke up in the ’70’s.
A lot of us did. We are bone tired.”

Newbie. 1996.
Today I’m not bone tired. But…
Occasionally I do converse with
the inner curmudgeon
That shows up when a newbie
Suddenly finds the path.
Their Way.

Like telling my Teacher
how to journey.

Or explaining feminism to
Gloria Steinem.

An adrenaline rush of discovery.
Like no one’s been there or done that before.
We’ve all been there. done that.

A wise mentor shared…
“Remember the GLORY of this moment.
It will sustain you when the dullness wants
to take over again.”

Making amends to those Gifted teachers
Way-showers who came before me.
Me in my Newness.
Creating a path.
Reaching back.
Pulling me forward.
Honoring the journey.

All of our journeys.

© 2017 michele grace all rights reserved.