This is a rant.  
I’m going to start a “Fuck the why!” Club
When I start a painting I don’t ask it’s why. 
it’s a fucking blank canvas… 
I trust I’m going to go where it wants to go.

I just paint or draw or color. 
That’s what artists do.

“Why are you doing it?”

What’s your why?

Because I fucking love doing what I’m doing.
It’s what I want to do in this 10 seconds.
This 10 minutes. This 10 hours.

As a learner of magnitude. 
I like learning and
I hit a wall when I hear the fucking why question.
Every. Single. Time.

When I get caught up in the why… 
it breaks my creativity down 
into something I don’t like. 
Then I stop creating.
The transmission gets wonky.

I’m enrolled in a podcast training, 
it’s come to the point in the training
“find your why.”

What if I just want to talk. 
Talk about things in the moment 
Things that zing me.
Things that zing others.
Creative shit. 
I don’t know in this five seconds 
what that’s going to be about.

I’m okay with the not knowing. 
What if I myself permission to fuck the why?

How can I create an editorial calendar? 
What if that doesn’t work for me?
Can one put Bigness into an editorial calendar?

Are you ready to wipe the canvas clean?
Fuck your why?

Questions I’m pondering.