On the eve of the Full Moon/Eclipse it was an honor as a Minister Director of UBM* to ordain Rev. Carolyn Moor, founder of the Modern Widows Club. This was my first ordination ceremony…my heart is full.

Over 20 women attended the private ceremony.

There were 100 women at the 3-day conference.

Every woman lost their significant other through death.
All saying Yes! to life in their own way, coming together to support each other.
Amazing to witness. It was a full circle moment.

In 1993 struggling to figure out what my next steps- my choices?
1) go to school for a degree in psychology 2) something was calling. I couldn’t see it, felt it on the edges.

One day getting out of the car The Voice said “You are a spiritual healer and counselor.”

What?? The Voice is as real as a conversation between you and I.

First thought “Okay, Michele now you are crazy.”

Yet it didn’t scare me. I started debating The Voice as I headed into the store…
“I’m not going to be a minister. Nope. No way.”

I forgot about that conversation… this happened before I started down the shamanic path.
Eventually trying to fit in I went back to college studying to be a therapist.
The curriculum was heavy-brain based-
I left after one semester.
I don’t fit in anywhere.

In 1997 to do hands on healing I decided to be ordained.
As an interfaith minister, a church without walls.
At the ordination ceremony I remembered The Voice.
Twenty years ago, in July.

On Friday at dinner celebrating Maddy’s birthday she and her husband asked
about the ordination ceremony.

How do I speak to traditional faith based Christians about what it is that I do?

At 4 am in the shower I asked what’s right about this I’m not getting? The Voice said…

Just Be.
Have fun.
Barriers down. Barriers down.

Yesterday after the ceremony I heard many stories… Oracle Aligned*
stories of connections
with the divine after their spouse passed.

Quickly whispered to me. As if it’s wrong to be chosen for wisdom.
I’m a stand for you listening and hearing your own wisdom.
Not curated by a Church, or an intermediary.
How to listen? To know what’s real? What’s false?

Knowing in your heart-of-hearts what works for you.
It’s a choice.

Are you called to be a Church without walls?
Where are you giving Testimony in your own way?
Where are you holding back your heart and your words because of fear and judgment?

Amazing Grace.

Pondering today.



UBM stands for Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc. 

Oracle Align = Way of the OA