“We all wind up drawn to what we’re afraid of, drawn to try to find a way to make ourselves safe from a thing by crawling inside of it, by loving it, by becoming it.” -Holly Diane Black
Watch signs of others living their brilliance.
Are you willing to bask in their GLOW?
For they are willing to crawl up inside of the thing that most scares them the most.
They model the way for you.
Trust me on this.
In the early 90’s, before Marianne Williamson was Marianne, she pitched Return to Love at a small independent bookstore in South Florida. There were 50 people sitting in the audience.
During Q&A an elderly man challenged her about GOD, in a hater type way.
The attack came from out of nowhere- as most attacks do.
I was cringing inside.
I watched her stay in her center.
I watched her come from love.
I watched her diffuse the situation with love.
It DID NOT matter whether he agreed with her or not.
That wasn’t the issue.
She made a choice.
Claimed her RIGHT to speak her truth and say it, share it, teach it.
I left the evening changed.
We strive for comfort, but in that comfort we don’t heal the energy that’s driving us mad…
What thing are you being called to crawl up inside of…by loving it, becoming it?
“What happens if you judge nothing, receive from everything?”