The Sun is moving through Scorpio.
The New Moon is on the 18th of November.
Jupiter is moving through Scorpio for the first time in 12 years.
Scorpio rises.

Scorpio rules the muck and the mud.
Where Scorpio sits in your birth chart…
There’s a sting of truth.
Finding LIGHT in the Dark.

Deep emotions.
Stuck water within the body.

Where am I like Sheldon on the Big Bang?
Trying to fit in when I am called to stand out?
My joy is activating your “I don’t fit” wisdom.
Finding the genius you’ve long denied.

The ripest time to see it is at each new moon.
Those who carry a deep connection
with death and rebirth are the
change agents and transformers.

Maybe you too don’t fit the norm.
What happens the moment you stop trying to fit into
someone’s idea of what your life should look like?
The moment you release the shame and judgments.
How will your life start to shift?

That process is a surrendering.
An act of grace.
It takes strength of heart.
It takes courage.
It takes trust.

Scorpio rules death and rebirth.
The muck of emotions.
The pit of despair.

Yes your feel good matters.
What if your “feel bad” matters as well?
What if there is a whole lot of pent-up creativity waiting
behind feelings you are pushing away?

Because of rightness and wrongness.
Shame. Judgments.
Where am I discounting my path of experience?

Good. Bad. Right. Wrong.

Where did my creativity go?
What happened when it left?

It’s time for surrender.
To collaborate.
To trust.
It’s time to call your spirit HOME.
Be more Sheldon.