It’s 1994.

Lying on the floor, evocative music is moving through my body aka chakras…breathing in and out. The guidance arrives “you came here to be a ‘body pilot’ for the Great Awakening.”

I don’t understand. “Who am I? What the heck is the Great Awakening?” It all feels too BIG. I want to hide.

Learning about the birthing process, and how that first imprinting- your birth- mirrors itself through every creative endeavor- unconsciously until you come out of the trance. Curious? Read more about it in Stan Grof’s holotropic breathwork books or my teacher Jacquelyn Small.

Now that Awakening is here. To see what the administration and his minions in the US are doing feels ___________. Insert your feeling of choice. It’s hard for me to wrap my heart around it and find the good in it. All the crap that’s been hidden away is finally coming to the light. All the back-house dealings cannot be kept secret -no matter what the party. Who knew there were so many of us in the #metoo movement?

It’s going to get more intense. We all have our spiritual tools to move through it…you teach those tools to help others come out of the trance.

Don’t hide that gift anymore. Come out with it.

The time of hiding is over.

To be human. To witness the Fires of California and Australia To see three Cat 5 Hurricanes in one season. I can go on and on with what’s here, and

nothing is healed at the level it is created.

Healing solutions first manifest on the spiritual level and then are brought in through each of us. You. Me.

Yes even “Them.”

Take that in.

Yesterday I asked about Senator Franken as I was getting into the car and “the guys” said “Remember back when…. when the baby enters the birth canal to be born it feels like the gates of hell open up. The baby actually experiences a choice of life or death, yet it continues on seeking life.”

We are all in the collective birth canal seeking life, no matter how caught up in the collective trance. It is a trance… it’s not about dealing with a specific person, it’s about working with the energy of potential. Everyone can access it… that Love. It’s not a time of spinning, it’s a time to stay focused on what we want to create. Not what’s appearing in this 10 seconds. Because in the end, what feels like death is a birth to new life.”

Go BE the body pilot on spaceship Earth. It’s why you’re here.
I’m grateful….I travel in good company.

With love,

Michele Grace