Today is the Sagittarius New Moon. New Moons show you where you are holding back, holding up…. full moons bring the release. Sag has to do with truth and taking a risk. Saturn moved through Sag for the 2.5 years…shining a very big spotlight on those areas where you’ve dulled yourself down. Saturn shows you where you are hooked into ancestral stuff that may not even be yours, yet you unconsciously took it on because everyone else was…and you wanted to fit in. What if you choose different? What would that create in five years?

Tomorrow, December 19th 2017,  Saturn moves into the sign Capricorn, it’ll be there from December 2017 through March 2020. Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008 and started cleaning house…. when Pluto moves through an area of your life you are changed. When Pluto moved through Sag starting in 1995 we saw the magnitude of the Church hiding pedophile priests. We saw domestic abuse playing out in the OJ trial. Truth cannot hide when Pluto is on us.

Pluto takes things apart that no longer work. Dismantles the current form. Creates chaos so the new order is born. There is a inner and outer reflection. The shadow places are clearly seen. Saturn moving into Capricorn is going to ask each of us to respond. Saturn rules Capricorn, it’s energy is earth. Capricorn rules structures, governments.

Over the coming months there is a strong desire to honor the Earth, how will we respond?

What ways are you now called to stand out? Stand up? In Sag you are called to be a light in the darkness. This is a time to use all the spiritual tools you have been given. What gives me heart and joy? How am I creating? Root out the ways where fear is driving you….those are your teachable moments. Those are your stories to share.

Steady | Aim | Create