Let’s talk creative expansion, but first we need to talk about Scanners*... women who create too much! Scanners like to have multiple projects going on at once.  Maybe you don’t plan like other people plan…

for me the inspiration lands, it moves into a product and then I offer it.

Create. Offer. Create. Offer.

Every December I start looking at calendars that brings up…

:: Planner Shame :: Yes it’s a thing.

Raise your hand if you bought a planner and then never used it. Then you made yourself wrong by should’ing all over yourself. Last year I bought two planners- a Passion Planner and a Dream Planner. Did nothing with them. This year I started asking what will work? Ideas started popping.

I’m creating my own calendar.. a smash book|bullet journal work-in-progress using Circa discs. Levenger started the movement, but you can find resources at Staples, Office Depot and even the Happy Planners from Michaels Crafts. I cut up, well more like gutted my passion planner so I can insert pages I want. With the Circa discs I can add pages, create art, and make it a planner that works for me.

Yeah baby! I’m doing the happy dance.

My creativity doesn’t look like how others do it. Can you relate?

What if you stop making yourself wrong, and follow what works for you?

What if January isn’t even the time of year for you to plan? I’ll talk more about that on the call…

Rather ask what wants to be created?

How can I adapt this into a way that work and fits my style of planning? I wonder what wants to be created! Magic!
Capricorn is about planning… and building….then planting at the Aries New Moon

*Scanners: You can read more about it in Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose or
Listen to a podcast I did with Angella last year.