This big beefy guy sits down at the table next to me while I’m eating my bagel… pulls out his phone. Starts reading, then holds up the phone to show me…

“I knew it. Didn’t you just know it?” doesn’t wait for an answer…goes on ranting “Obama spied on Trump” Breitbart website. Picture of Carter Page.

A minute before I’m in conversation with Dear Daughter who works for the State aka water management.

There are 30 natural fresh water springs in Florida,
24 natural fresh water springs have water issues
from run off. pollutants. pesticides. fertilizers.
Feel into that…

Republican Governor Scott, forbids the words “climate change” deregulates protective measures. Fires the scientists, fills the vacancy with political appointees. Trump’s dismantling the EPA and protective regulations.

Let’s build. Let’s develop.

There are consequences of choices made, to be silent, to hide, by not be accountable to the Earth in all her majesty.
This feels heavy. It is said we are made for these times.

Some days are fucking hard.