It’s intense out there at the moment….There’s a drive to bring things to an even playing field.

To heal injustices. To be heard. To be seen.

:: BraveHeart :: The sign Taurus, ruled by Venus, taps us into our mess with greed, anger and envy.

Each year when the Sun moves into Taurus [April 20- May 20] you get to see your issues around value and worth… self-esteem. There’s an opportunity to find your relationship with all things guru.

Wouldn’t it be powerful to uncover the stuck points of view places pretty quickly?

Recently I shared this question:

  • What would it take for me to unhook from praise or criticism?
  • What if that didn’t matter either way…
  • When will the good or bad, right or wrong stop hooking us into drama/trauma?

Truth. Where am I the mirror for your projections? Things I don’t want to look at?

Is the mirror I’m holding clear or smokey? Clear mirror- I know what this energy is about… smokey mirror – there’s an unconsciousness fear that wants to be expressed, I can’t see truth yet. Where am I acting this out?

Who’s on the pedestal? What happens in the exchange? The invitation is to track your energy…

Show Me the Darts!

When someone in your world is envious they may unconsciously send out “darts of energy.” A good question to ask is “Am I the One receiving or throwing the DARTS?” It’s a form of psychic attack, that’s very real. Ask any energy worker or shamanic healer.  I’ve seen this “dart” energy rise up at a times of BIG creative expansion. 

During the psychic attack it may feel like:

  • A stabbing energy to the physical body. Pain from out of the blue.
  • Feeling confused but can’t make sense of where the energy is coming from.
  • A level of anxiety that seems to come from out of nowhere.

Then you start contracting your energy field and creativity to protect and defend. When this happens the energy darts start to become embedded…

If you are the one attacking….

  • Where am I fixated on the person’s wrongness, and my rightness?
  • How am I flashing into anger and rage that rises up from small things?
  • Where am I gathering up ‘allies’ on social media to make them part of my world?
  • Who’s my nemesis? Who am I hurling “Foe-darts” at? They are the sacred ‘other’- be it coach, friend, husband, wife, sister, brother, boss..

Then you start contracting your energy field and creativity to protect and defend.

I’ve done both, and it sucks…

Remember each of us have lifetimes where these darts were hurled at us or we did the hurling. We dance in the role of victim and/or perpetrator until we stop to make different choices.

There’s always a choice.