Back in February, at the Full Moon, I wrote out a sales contract aka “the ask” with the price we want for our current home. Asking the land and the house to be a contribution. Thanking it for supporting us…saying I would sell to someone who truly LOVED this house (you wouldn’t believe some of the feedback the last three months).

On the new moon I anoint a St. Joseph statue, say a prayer and bury him. That night our realtor wakes up with an epiphany…”On Tuesday I’m having a broker’s open with two houses in another subdivision, I’d like to add your house and create a caravan of homes so the brokers see your house again”

Yes! of course. The pups and I head to the dog park for two hours during the open house. The next day one of the brokers comes back to show the house to her clients… one buyer starts crying walking through the door. They love it! That Saturday, a week later, we’re under contract coming within $3,500 of the amount in “the ask” on the full moon.

Asking. Co-creating. Collaborating.
The next week I am in Tallahassee, hiring a great realtor and driving around looking at 20+ houses. What did I find?

Houses supposedly “ready for market” with foundation issues, not addressed.
Time capsules from the 1970.
Cigarette smoke still hanging heavy in the air.
Avocado appliances. Closed off rooms. Next!

A newer house with its windowless pink room, chock full of little girl toys, stacked up against the wall.
Looking down to my left I see the broken door jamb cracked at the lock from someone’s angry kick. Next!

A brand new home, a hunter’s home, roosters, guinea hens and a turkey… Running wild, greet us.
Fox hides are draped over bed and sofa.
And then the outbuilding with a sign hanging above the entrance door reads
“Man Cave” which upon entering the room screams “No I’m the kill room!”
where his prey goes to slaughter. Next!

All the while I’m asking Is this our home? Will this create more? Land do you want to co-create with us?

Then we found the One!
A lovely spacious home surrounded by nature on two acres in town. Mid-century ranch. A blank canvas that needs some work. Back home I check the wish list I wrote out last fall and put on my altar; this house checks off most all of “the asks.” Even a beautiful studio space with separate entrance.

What did I learn? That my “asks” are as powerful as my “fears”, it just depends on which one I’m feeding. My motto for this March is Face-F@#$king forward. Keep moving forward until you’re told no. Be willing to ask. Be willing to let go.

After a month of negotiating… I’m packing, coordinating the move. What does a former interior designer|doodler do when they move? They color code the floor plan to manage the packing. #doodlesketch #smoothmove #interiordesigning

Now you may be asking “When’s the next The New Moon, New ME! Telelcass?” I’ll be back teaching again soon. If you want to work privately 1:1 click the message link in the lower right hand corner and we’ll have a conversation. easy peasy.

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